Summer Tuition and Fees

Summer tuition is calculated on a per credit hour basis. For more information, please refer to the drop down menu below.

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eBill Information

eBills (electronic billing statements): eBills are online invoices that display the billing charges and fees similar to traditional paper statements. The student and any Authorized User(s), created by the student, will receive a monthly email message alerting them that their eBill is available to view and pay. Note: You will not receive a paper bill. Emails regarding eBills will be sent to the students' Xavier University email accounts and to any Authorized User's email addresses that students have added to their accounts.

Students can access their eBill through the MyXU Portal. After logging in, they should click on the Student Services tab, go to the My Academic Records channel, and click on the My Bursar Account link, If you have any questions regarding these instructions, please feel free to call the Bursar's Office at (513) 745-3435. Note: Unpaid balances may result in the student's class(es) being cancelled.


Registration for summer session is final.  Students who register for courses and fail to appear, unless officially withdrawn in accordance with the catalog regulations regarding withdrawals, will receive a VF grade for their courses and will be charged the regular summer session fees.  Withdrawals must be made in writing and submitted to the Office of the Registrar.  Grades of 'W' are recorded for all classes dropped after the 100% tuition credit date.

Refund and Tuition-Credit Schedule

Visit the official Tuition & Fees listing for refund and tuition-credit information.