Summer Junior Program

For a special low tuition, study at Xavier University!

  • Follow your favorite interest or explore a new subject.
  • Get a taste of campus life.
  • Take a regular undergraduate course, and earn college credits.
  • Make new friends. 

All current high-school juniors who will graduate in June 2018 are invited to take one college course for credit this summer at Xavier University - and at a very minimal cost. 

For only $240, you can take a university course, earn three credit hours and get a smart head start on your future college education. 

For the past 44 years, high-school students like you have enjoyed delving into psychology or learning the language of another culture. You'll also be learning alongside other college students in regular university courses - not in classes designed just for high-school students. You will experience just what it's like to study at a university.

Choose from a wide range of classes

Take a look at the complete list of summer classes available to high school juniors and you'll see courses covering a wide range of interests. Plus, with courses offered during the day and in the evening, you're sure to find a time that fits your busy schedule.

Take advantage of significantly low costs

You'll pay just $80 per credit hour or $240 for a three credit-hour course. That's significantly less than Xavier's regular per-credit-hour cost of $674 (2016 tuition rate). It's a big savings, and a great investment in the opportunity to learn at Xavier. Also, you are not required to pay an application fee. Your only other expenses will be for textbooks, course/lab fees and personal expenses. Parking is free during the summer at Xavier.

Earn a special opportunity

If you participate in the High-School Junior Summer Program, and if Xavier is your college choice, your application process will be streamlined. You will only need to submit the following to the Office of Admission during the fall of your senior year: an application for admission, the results of your ACT and/or SAT tests and a current high-school transcript.

We are proud of the many high-school students who experience Xavier while taking summer classes and then decide this University is their college choice.

Get credits that count at Xavier or anywhere else

After you finish your summer course, your final grade will be mailed to you. We will keep your transcript on file, listing the course, title, credit and the grade you earned. If you enroll as a freshman at Xavier in the fall of 2018, you will have an edge over your other classmates because you will already have earned college credit toward graduation. If you decide to attend another university, you also can transfer the summer credits you earn at Xavier. You will just need to pay a transcript fee of $5 at the time you request the transfer. (It is important to get approval for the transfer of credits from the school you are planning to attend.)




Apply Now!

  • Deadline: March 27, 2017
  • When: Select summer sessions, Summer 2017
  • Application is available here

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