As a successful business in Cincinnati, you want bright interns to join your team over the summer. We can help you achieve this! 

Recruiting? XU Career Development serves as the primary point-of-contact for employers hoping to recruit Xavier University students from all academic programs. Whether your organization would like to attend a career fair, participate in on-campus recruiting activities, or post a position, the Employer Relations team is here to help!

Seeking Intern Housing? Each summer hundreds of interns from across the country find safe, comfortable, convenient housing on the Xavier University campus. Affordable rates for our fully furnished, air conditioned apartments cover all utilities, WiFi, cable television and parking.  We’re committed to provide a smooth summer transition to your interns. 

Xavier offers organizations the ease and convenience of paying our office directly for intern housing. To make arrangements, please contact our office and we will be happy to assist you. 

Show Your Interns How Much You Care. Give the gift of X Cash, a prepaid flexible spending account accessible through your intern's apartment key card. Interns use X Cash as essential living funds, to cover laundry, meals and more. X Cash is accepted at the following locations:

  • Xavier University Bookstore
  • Xavier University Mail Center
  • On-campus laundry facilities
  • Pepsi, snack, and coffee vending machines
  • Hoff Dining Commons
  • Cintas Center Concessions
  • McDonald Library
  • Starbucks (University Station location only)
  • Currito (Xavier location only)
  • Pizza ATM
  • Several off-campus locations