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Course Withdrawals

 Helpful Hints: Withdrawing from a Class

We know that there may come a time when you must decide if you should withdraw from a course or not. While the information below will provide helpful information, we recommend that you to talk with your Success Coach and Academic Advisor prior to withdrawing from a course. You can make an appointment to speak with your Success Coach online.


You need to be familiar with the policies around dropping and withdrawing classes.  The full policy can be found online: Registration Policies and Procedures.  Classes can be dropped through the first seven calendar days of the term without a grade appearing on the student’s academic record. Undergraduate students receive a grade of “W” for classes dropped from the eighth calendar day of the term through approximately 80% of the term.

Implications for Withdrawing from a Class

There are many people on campus who can discuss the implications of withdrawing from a class with you.  Please contact the following people with questions before you withdraw from a class.

Impact on Financial Aid: Depending on the timing and your unique situation, there could be implications on your financial aid package.  We recommend ALL students consult with Student Financial Services before withdrawing from a class.  You can call their office at 513-745-3142 or email at

Delays in your Degree Progress: Withdrawing from classes could affect your plans for classes in future semesters and/or delay your progress towards graduation.  Speak with your academic advisor to discuss how withdrawing could affect your degree progress and what options you have moving forward to stay on track.

Change in Student Status: Based on your number of credit hours for a semester, withdrawing from a course could cause you to become a part-time student. We recommend speaking with Student Financial Services to understand if part-time status will affect your financial aid. It is also recommended that you speak with your academic advisor to determine how part-time status will affect your degree completion.

Impact on your Students Visa: Per F-1 and J-1 visa regulations, international undergraduate students must be enrolled full-time (12 credit hours) during fall and spring semesters. Dropping below 12 credit hours will endanger your visa status; please do not do so before talking to your international student advisor. Please contact Center for International Education at to discuss your options and visit their website for more information.

Reasons for Withdrawing from a Class

There are many reasons students consider withdrawing from a class.  Here are some of the most common reasons and advice we would offer you to consider before withdrawing:

“I’m avoiding a failing grade”

This is a good reason to withdraw.  But make sure you have spoken with your professor to discuss your progress and to see if you still have time to improve your grade.  If this class is required for your major, you will want to determine when you can retake this class with your academic advisor.

“I’m overwhelmed and worried about my grades in other classes.”

This can be a good reason to withdraw.  We recommend you talk with your Success Coach and/or Advisor to discuss your concerns.  Did you know we have Tutors who can help you get organized and work on time management strategies?  There may be ways to help alleviate the stress you are feeling so you can be successful! 

“I enrolled in the wrong section.”

This is a good reason to withdraw.  If you are in the wrong class work with your academic advisor to adjust your schedule. 

 “I’m currently working through some medical/personal reasons.”

This can be a good reason to withdraw.  There are many resources on campus who can help you with a variety of personal and/or medical concerns.  Speak with your Success Coach and they can help connect you with the best campus resources to help.

“There is too much work in this class.”

This is a poor reason to withdraw from a class. If you are struggling with your time management or with your study skills, we recommend that you reach out to your Success Coach. We also recommend that you consider tutoring, SI, the writing center, or the math lab.

“I dislike the instructor.”

This is a poor reason to withdraw from a class. We encourage you to meet with your professor during office hours to discuss the class or an assignment. Meeting with your professor outside of class can allow you to gain a greater perspective of your professor as a person.

“I don’t want to get up this early.”

This is a poor reason to withdraw from a class. Waking up early can be difficult, but with the correct schedule you can make it work. Create a routine that allows you to get to bed at a reasonable time to wake up for your classes. Try setting your alarm across the room so that you have to get up. Remember that the course is only for a semester and you can try to schedule classes later in the day the next semester.

“The class is too far away from my residence hall.”

This is a poor reason to withdraw from a class. Make sure you consider how long it will take you to get to your classes when deciding when to leave.