Student Success Center

Remote Learning FAQs

Finding Success During Remote Learning

The Student Success Center will continue to support you during Remote Learning.  Success Coaching appointments are available via phone and Zoom.  Students can schedule online at  Please note appointment times are on Eastern Daylight Time.  Students can also email and call their coach as questions arise.  

Do you have a question that is not answered here?  Please feel free to email and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

Q: I don’t have reliable internet or cell service. What can I do?

A: Communicate with your professors. Let them know that your internet and cell service isn’t reliable and see if they can help create an action plan with you.

Communicate with your family. If there are multiple people trying to work and complete school at one time, see if you can create a schedule to minimize the strain on your internet connection. It could be that you work on papers that don’t rely on the internet while your sibling completes a zoom lecture.

Q: I haven’t been successful in online learning in the past. How can I make this experience different?

A: Create a Schedule. It is important to create a schedule to stay up to date on your class materials. Make sure to schedule in breaks.

Find a Space. It can be difficult to find a quiet spot to study, but it is going to be essential to your success. Try to find a space that is new and that motivates you to work.

Ask for Help. Your professors are here to support you. Email them if you have questions and need clarification.

Use your Resources. Offices across campus have moved their services to remote. Please remember to use your resources: Xavier Help Desk, Tutoring, Writing Center, Math Lab, Success Coaching

 Q: I used to study in groups with my friends. How do I stay connected with friends while adjusting to remote learning?
A: Create remote study groups. You and your friends can create zoom or skype study groups. This is a great way to stay connected while also studying. Don’t forget you can share your screen when you have a question and need further clarification.
 Q: I miss the feeling of community and balancing multiple things at once. How do I switch to being home and having limited activities?
A: Follow us on IG. Numerous Xavier offices have active IG accounts where you can find workouts being streamed, podcast recommendations, and open zoom spaces for hanging out. Try following @xustudentsuccess, @xucdi, @xavierrecsports, @xavierreslife, @xucfj, @xuwellbeing, @xuinvolvement.