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Graduating in Four Years

Quick Checklist for Graduating from Xavier in Four Years

To graduate from college in four (4) years, follow these basic guidelines:

  • Make your academics your highest priority (attend all classes and complete all assignments).
  • Develop an academic plan and stick to it.
  • Register for and complete at least 15 hours of academic credit every semester.
  • Become familiar with DegreeWorks to track your academic progress.
  • Meet with your academic advisor regularly and have that person assist in developing your academic plan.
  • Have a good sense of your major by the first semester of your sophomore year, declare your major by the second semester of your sophomore year, and stick with that major for the rest of your college career.
  • Know the resources that are available to you so that you may be academically successful.
  • Ask questions and get help from the array of academic resources available to you.
  • If you earn a grade less than a "C," talk to your professor so that you can avoid repeating courses (a minimum of a 2.0 GPA is required to graduate). Explore extra credit options.
  • Be sure that you have completed all of your CORE requirements as well as those for your major and/or minor(s).

No More Than Four: General Strategies for Earning an Undergraduate Degree in Four Years