Student Success Center

For Parents and Guardians

We hope that parents and guardians take an active role in their child's development at Xavier. We offer many opportunities and programs for parents and guardians to become informed and to keep the lines of communication open.

The Parent and Guardian Hot Line

The direct line into the Office of Retention and Parent Outreach is 513-745-3036. Our office will respond to your inquiry and personally return a call to you. This direct communication is the essential piece that begins to develop the sense of service and satisfaction so necessary for good communications.

Mid-term Grades

The Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) prohibits the release of student information to anyone without an authorization from the student. At Xavier freshmen voluntarily sign an authorization to send mid-term grades home to parents. This authorization is good for the freshman year only. This does not include mailing home final grades. Final grades are available online through the MyXU Portal. Your student will need to provide access to the MyXU Portal.

Letters to Parents

Each semester the staff in The Office of Retention and Parent Outreach corresponds with freshman parents on a number of topics. The parent card is mailed in July and provides parents with contact information for university offices frequently contacted by students and parents. The brochure "Parenting a College Freshman" is available on the Parents and Family website to provide helpful tips.