Student Success Center

Ms. Karla Helton

Assistant Director, Office of Student Success and Academic Advising

I was born and raised in the Greater Cincinnati region and have stayed close to my roots. I began my adventure in Higher Ed with Xavier, after working for non-profit agencies for a good portion of my career. I spent my first five years at Xavier with the Office of Disability Services and the Office of Academic Support, and was fortunate enough to receive my Master’s Degree during this time as well. In January of 2020 I began a new path on my Xavier journey and was pleased to become a part of the Student Success Team!

Outside of work I enjoy listening to live music in multiple venues, watching live sports (Xavier Men’s and Women’s Basketball and Soccer; Xavier Men’s Baseball; Reds, Bengals, FCC Cincinnati; Boone County Little League); and much more as you can see in my answer to my favorite thing about Cincinnati!

Cincinnati, OH

Favorite thing about Xavier
The community, the people. It truly is “all for one and one for all”. At Xavier, you can count on the community being mission and value driven. This is a place where you are family, you are cared for as a whole person with multiple interests, values, responsibilities, etc. You are valued for who you are and what you bring to the world.

I have to include the Basketball games here! I am a huge fan and season ticket holder so maybe you will see me there!

Favorite thing about Cincinnati
There is so much to do here! Everything from amusement parks, pools, regular (and often free) live music events through the Cincinnati Parks and Recreation department. There are signature concert venues, pro football and baseball stadiums, wonderful parks (including lovely Loveland Bike Trail), a beautiful river, and gorgeous architecture. We have the Freedom Center, the Art Museum, the Krohn Conservatory, Union Terminal, the Cincinnati Symphony, the Zoo and the Aquarium. And, then there is the Observatory. I am sure I am leaving something out! I love Cincinnati, I always have!

Best advice for an incoming first year student
Take advantage of the resources and see them as opportunities. They are strategically designed to help you succeed! They also provide a strong network of connections that will be a long term value to you and Xavier! Some of the best ways to build value into friendships and stay connected are to sign up for an immersion experience course, go on a retreat or AB trip, or go an Excursion! There are multiple leadership resources and opportunities to discover too!

First Year at Xavier