Student Success Center

Jessie Arnold

Associate Director of Student Success

I majored in Psychology with a minor in Biology. I earned my Master of Science in Psychology with a concentration in Cognitive Psychology.

I love meal prepping, baking, coffee, going for walks, and everything Disney!

Working with students brings me so much joy and I am so excited to help you make the most of your four years at Xavier. I know there are a lot of uncertainties right now, but please know I am here for you.

I grew up in Bowling Green, KY, but have lived in Northern Kentucky for about 4 years.

Favorite thing about Xavier
I love going for walks during my lunch break and seeing our students hanging out in the “yard” and outside of the Gallagher Student Center. Our students are fantastic and I’m always amazed at what they are accomplishing.

Favorite thing about Cincinnati
The festivals! Taste of Cincinnati happens in May and it makes my heart and stomach so happy.

You will find that Cincinnati has a lot of food that they are proud of. You can’t go wrong with a coney from Skyline and a scoop of Black Raspberry Chip from Graeter’s.

Best advice for an incoming first year student
Don’t be afraid to talk to students you don’t know. At the beginning of the semester everyone is trying to make friends. I promise you won’t regret starting that random conversation with the person sitting next to you in class.

First Year at Xavier