Education Abroad

Faculty-led Renewal Process

The renewal process is for Xavier faculty-led study abroad programs that have previously been offered. (Once a Xavier University international program has been offered, faculty program leaders do not need to go through the formal approval process of the EAAC - Education Abroad Advisory Council). The renewal process informs the University which programs will be offered, reconfirms the faculty leader is aware of current University requirements, and allows for ample time for promotion /recruitment across campus. The Program Summary and Renewal Form should be submitted each time the study abroad program is offered. The renewal process does not encompass course approval. Courses are approval through BUGS/BOGS.

To begin the renewal process, please complete the Study Abroad Renewal Form and Program Budget Form by September 15, 2015.

Things to do:
1. Complete the program renewal form online
2. Attach to renewal form an initial program budget
3. Submit in requested time frame:
a. September 15 for programs to be held the next summer session, or fall semester.
b. April 1 for programs to be held during winter break or the next spring semester.
4. Submit final budget to CIE at least 90 days prior to program start date

How the process works:
1. Faculty program leader completes online renewal form, which includes initial program budget. (The CIE can provide assistance in developing a program budget. To request a meeting to review and develop the budget, click here.)
2. Initial budget sent to Asst. VP for Provost Budget and Planning for conditional approval.
3. Department chairs and Deans confirm that courses have been approved by BUGS/BOGS.
4. Renewal form and initial budget will be reviewed by CIE and EAAC.
5. Renewal form and budget sent to Assistant Provost for Student Enrichment.
6. CRNs for courses offered during study abroad programs will be sent to the Registrar's Office to facilitate the course registration process.
7. Faculty leader submits final budget to CIE at least 90 days prior to the start date of programs. CIE will send final budgets to Asst. VP for Provost Budget and Planning for approval.

Program and budget proposals submitted by September 15th will be reviewed by September 30th.

NOTE: Programs proposed in countries with Department of State travel warnings must go through the DOS travel warning petition process 60-90 days before program departure date.

How the CIE can support you/your program:
- Promotion and marketing on-campus to the extent that we are provided information about programs including:
o Web site and StudioAbroad exposure;
o Study abroad library in CIE;
o Individual advising sessions with students;
o General information provided to all incoming students and highlighted in informational sessions conducted by CIE staff;
- CIE attendance at program pre-departure meeting to cover topics including risk management and health and safety for students.
- Batch enroll program participants (students and faculty) in Xavier's CISI insurance coverage once provided names and program dates, including facilitating the payment and charge to program FOAP;
- Online program deposit facilitated through StudioAbroad application link;
- GPA and conduct checks once students are active in StudioAbroad;
- Provide information on student scholarships and assist in review of Gilman and other applications;
- Other areas as requested and staffing allows.