Education Abroad

Semester Programs

Xavier University's semester programs are offered to students at a comparable price to an on-campus semester. Students who enroll in a Xavier approved program (those listed below) are billed Xavier tuition for their study abroad program, not the fees indicated in program literature and/or websites. Xavier scholarships, Federal aid, and outside scholarships apply to the study abroad experience. Xavier study abroad programs are placed into three pricing levels. Learn more about specific costs.

Read our FAQ for Planning your Semester Abroad in Spring 2022

Apply for or renew your US passport as soon as possible if you’re thinking of studying abroad in Spring 2022 and beyond. The US State Department is experiencing long delays -- expedited passports are taking at least 12 weeks and regular service is 18 weeks.  Additionally, you are strongly advised to pay for the expedited service and return mail service. Generally your passport expiration date should be valid for 6 months after your departure date back to the US.

Xavier Sponsored Programs

These programs are coordinated by another US institution or organization (such as USAC, Arcos Learning Abroad, AIFS, etc.) that provides extensive service and support during your study abroad experience. Many programs are offered through other Jesuit schools providing a great academic fit. Click here for more information about Xavier's sponsored programs.

Direct Exchange Programs

These programs allow students to study at a foreign university with which Xavier has a special agreement. Often times students from these universities will study at Xavier for a semester, while you study there! Click here for more information about Xavier' direct exchange universities.

Semester in Peru

Xavier's Semester in Peru program is in partnership with Universidad Antonio Ruiz de Montoya (UARM), a Jesuit University in Lima, and offers students the opportunity to study in a multi-ethnic context. Students will study language, culture, and societal structures through language immersion, integrated classes, and homestays. Studying in Peru will provide students the opportunity to experience, reflect and engage in the cultural, economic, and social diversity of the country.