Education Abroad


Student Travel Policy (International) 

  • This policy defines the expectations and requirements for international travel for students and outlines the risk management procedures that must be in place for international travel to occur. 
  • This policy applies to undergraduate and graduate student international travel that occurs outside the United States. Said travel includes any individual or group travel organized and/or sponsored by Xavier University, whether earning academic credit or not, including the following types of travel: 
    • Credit bearing programs, including faculty-led study abroad programs, approved third party provider programs, and internships. 
    • Non-credit bearing programs including any program: 
      • Organized or sponsored by a registered student organization; 
      • Organized or sponsored by a University department; 
      • Required team or group travel; 
      • Fully or partially funded by Xavier University; and/or 
      • Uses the Xavier University name. 
  • Student Travel Policy

Academic Credit and Transfer Credit Policies 

For programs, where students are not taking courses offered by Xavier University faculty, official transcripts are required in order for the transfer credit evaluation to be completed.

  • Credit will be accepted for all college-level academic courses in which a grade of 'C' or better has been earned at institutions of higher education. 
  • Abroad institutions that use a different evaluation system than the US will be converted to the US equivalent through WES.  
  • Credits from accepted courses from other institutions are transferred, but the grades do not transfer.

For programs, where students are enrolled in Xavier University courses offered by our faculty, students receive the letter grade for the course and the grade is computed into the student’s Xavier grade point average.  

Petition to Study Abroad through an Unapproved Program

  • Xavier University has identified more than 75 international program opportunities for Xavier students that it believes to be of high academic quality and that provide an environment of support to help students succeed while abroad. However, if a student cannot find a Xavier-approved study abroad program that meets their specific needs and goals, the student may consider going through a petition process in order to enroll in another program not already on Xavier's approved list. All petition applications will be reviewed for approval.
  • Petitions will be accepted for academic year and semester programs. To petition, the student must first meet with a study abroad advisor in person to discuss the student's program preferences, eligibility, and goals. Once the student and advisor determine that the non-Xavier approved program is the best fit, the advisor will provide a petition application to the student. The deadlines for submitting a petition are the following:
    • Fall and Academic Year Programs: February 1st
    • Spring Programs: April 1st
  • Approval is not guaranteed. Xavier institutional aid will not be applied to programs accepted through petition approval. Federal and state aid will apply, if proper documentation is submitted to financial aid.

Travel to a Department of State Risk Designated Country

Refund and Cancellation Policy