Education Abroad


Every student must apply to study abroad with the Center for International Education through the online application system. For every program the student plans to attend, an application must be completed regardless of any program-specific application that may also be required. There is a $50 fee associated with this application form. If studying abroad on multiple programs in one academic year, the fee needs to only be paid once. Xavier does not approve or recognize a student's study abroad experience without the completion of this application.

Eligibility Requirements for Study Abroad
  • Full-time, degree-seeking student
  • Undergraduate students are eligible to study abroad starting with the summer following their first year
  • Good academic standing with approval from academic advisor
  • Cumulative GPA of 2.0 (undergraduates), GPA of 3.0 (graduates)
  • Good disciplinary standing
  • Apply prior to Xavier application deadlines
Requirements for Study Abroad Acceptance
  • Completed Xavier application by posted deadline
  • Completed Study Abroad Approval (STAB) form by posted deadline
  • Paid application fee ($50) and program deposit
  • Clearance of disciplinary standing and GPA confirmation
  • If participating on a provider program, sent program acceptance to the CIE staff
Requirements prior to Departure