Xavier University's semester programs are offered to students at a comparable price to an on-campus semester. Students who enroll in a Xavier approved program (those listed below) are billed Xavier tuition for their study abroad program, not the fees indicated in program literature and/or websites. Xavier scholarships, Federal aid, and outside scholarships apply to the study abroad experience. Xavier study abroad programs are placed into three pricing levels. For more information about specific costs, click here

Xavier Sponsored Programs 

These programs are coordinated by another US institution or organization (such as USAC, SOL Education Abroad, AIFS, etc.) that provides extensive service and support during your study abroad experience. Many programs are offered through other Jesuit schools providing a great academic fit. Click here for more information about Xavier's sponsored programs. 

Direct Exchange Programs 

These programs allow students to study at a foreign university with which Xavier has a special agreement. Often times students from these universities will study at Xavier for a semester, while you study there! Click here for more information about Xavier' direct exchange universities. 

Solidarity Semester: Nicaragua 

Xavier's Solidarity Semester in Nicaragua combines at least 15 credit hours of academic study with reflection, and work in local, community organizations. A primary goal of the semester is the integration of academic study with the experience of service and accompaniment. Students combine knowledge of the culture, religion, history, government, and economics of the region, with an emphasis on issues of social justice. Engagement with the local community provides students with the opportunity to study in the context of living and working with the economically poor.