Financing Your Program 

Semester Programs 

Students participating in a Xavier-approved semester program will pay tuition directly to Xavier, and if applicable the additional level cost . Xavier scholarships, Federal aid, and outside scholarships will apply to semester study abroad experiences. 

Xavier study abroad programs are placed into levels. Therefore based on the program, students will be charged the XU tuition rate and the price of the level. 

All students will be responsible for room and board costs due to the variability of options and preferences. 

Try our interactive Study Abroad Budget Worksheet to estimate the cost of your semester program. 

*The levels listed below are for the 2017-2018 Academic Year. 


Program Rate


XU Tuition 2017-2018 


XU Tuition 2017-2018 + $2,500


XU Tuition 2017-2018 + $5,000









Faculty-led & Short-term Programs 

Students participating in a faculty-led program will pay all program fees directly to Xavier. If eligible, federal financial aid is sometimes portable. Because these programs are often summer courses, students must check with XU Financial Aid Office for specific information and eligibility. Institutional aid is not portable. CISI international insurance is included. 

Students participating in a short-term program through an approved provider will pay all program fees directly to the provider. If eligible, federal financial aid is sometimes portable. If the program does not include adequate international insurance, students are required to purchase Xavier's insurance for international activity (CISI, cost put on XU Bursar bill). 


Scholarship Opportunities 

Additional Cost Information 

Study Abroad Application Fee

The Center for International Education charges all Xavier students a fee when they apply for a study abroad program. It covers the university's administrative cost for sending students abroad. This fee is $50.

If studying abroad on multiple programs in an academic year, the fee must only be paid once. 


Faculty-led programs require a deposit. This deposit confirms placement on a program. Program deposits are non-refundable. 

Semester programs require a $500 deposit to confirm commitment to studying abroad. Program deposits are non-refundable after 30 days from term application deadline. 

All deposits are put towards overall cost of program. 

CISI Insurance 

In accordance with the university's Travel Policy, all students must be enrolled in international health insurance while abroad. Xavier University's insurance provider is Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI). If insurance is provided in the program but not adequate, students will be charged for CISI insurance. 

CISI Insurance is $36.50 per month abroad.