Academic Service Learning Semesters

The academic service learning semesters combine 12-15 credit hours of academic study with community service under the guidance and supervision of Xavier University faculty.

All programs begin with a one- to two-week orientation in Cincinnati and end with a debriefing period. The course package includes 12-15 credit hours combined with approximately 15 hours of service per week. The courses offered meet core requirements and generally include theology, E/RS elective, language (international) and service learning.

A primary goal of the entire semester is integration of the academic study with the experience of service. The academic component provides students with knowledge of the culture, religion, history, government and economics of the area in which the semester takes place, with an emphasis on issues of social justice. The service component functions as the medium through which learning occurs by placing all study in the context of living and working with the economically poor.

Reflection is a major component of the program and is integrated in many ways. In addition to the academic focus, the course of study helps participants relate sensitively to people across ethnic and class boundaries. There are also opportunities to interact with community-based organizations and leaders.


What Students Say

"One learns different things in a different way, compared to a semester at Xavier. It is interactive learning ... that affects the heart, mind and soul. I've never learned more about certain subjects, about myself or others at any other level of my education." "It is a learning experience that breaks down boundaries between people of different backgrounds and reduces stereotypes. It gave me insight into who people are and how all our experiences in life are intertwined." "The experience causes a tremendous opening up of yourself." "It was the best experience of my life; I grew in every way possible."