Off-Campus Apartment or House Safety Tips

Make sure you are SAFE in your off-campus apartment or house:
  • Test all smoke alarms at least monthly.
  • Never remove batteries or disable smoke alarms in your home.
  • Learn your building's evacuation plan and practice all drills as if they were the real thing.
  • Have a fire escape plan with two ways out of every room.
  • When the smoke alarm or fire alarm sounds, get out of the building quickly and stay out.
  • Cook only where it is permitted.
  • Stay in the kitchen when cooking.
  • Cook only when you are alert, not sleepy or drowsy from medicine or alcohol.
  • Use a surge protector for your computer and plug the protector directly into an outlet.
  • Make sure your home or apartment building has passed its fire safety inspection! 


Safe Student Housing Programs

From the Norwood Fire Department:

The Autumn season welcomes students to school and brings new residents to our neighborhood. The city of Norwood is proud of our partnership with Xavier University in improving safety for its students. The Norwood Fire Department is very active in promoting off-campus safety. Our department maintains an aggressive inspection program of our off-campus student housing on an annual basis. All property owners must comply with the Ohio Fire Code or face court action.

Some of the items that we inspect include:

  • Working smoke detectors inside and outside of all bedrooms and on each level.
  • Fire extinguishers located in the basement and every occupied level.
  • Means of egress.
  • Use of extension cords.
  • Electrical problems.
  • Storage issues.
  • Safe use of grills.
  • Safe use of fire pits.
  • Hazardous conditions.
  • Overcrowding.

Our fire crews do a complete walk-through of the building and premises. A list of violations is sent to the owner and our fire inspectors from the Bureau of Fire Safety re-inspect each property for compliance.

Talk to your landlord and ask if they have a current fire inspection. Call the Norwood Fire Department Bureau of Fire Safety at 458-4558 and find out if your residence is on our safe student housing list. Check your smoke detectors on a weekly basis. Be sure that your house is safe but don?t forget to ask your friends about their homes, especially if there is a chance you may stay overnight.

Make fire safety and prevention a priority this school year.


For Cincinnati Residents:

Do you live in an off campus residence and have concerns about fire safety? Do you plan to move off-campus next year to live with friends? You may want to consider choosing a rental property in the Cincinnati Safe Student Housing program.

What is the program? The Safe Student Housing Program is a voluntary program for landlords and tenants. This program aims to help college students find rental housing that has passed inspection by the Cincinnati Fire Department.

What should I ask my landlord? You should ask the landlord if the property has passed the city's free fire inspection. If not, request that your landlord add the fire inspection report as well as the Tenant Landlord Commitment (TLC) Addendum to your lease which both you and your landlord will sign.

Why is this necessary? Fire safety is a growing concern of the City of Cincinnati and the Cincinnati Fire Department. Two UC students died in an off campus house fire in 2013. The Cincinnati community seeks to encourage fire safety improvements in rental properties.

Who should I call? Call513-357-7585 for a fire inspection. There is no cost to you or the landlord.

Visit for tenant/landlord inspection checklists, fire safety tips, downloadable flyers, and more.



Norwood Residents:

If you live in Norwood and want make sure your home has passed a mandatory fire inspection, please contact the Norwood Fire Department
at (513) 458-4558.

Cincinnati Residents:

If you live in Cincinnati and want to make sure your home has passed a fire inspection and is on the Cincinnati Safe Student Housing List call
(513) 357-7585 or look at our website: