NEW: Residence Hall Recreation Rooms

Evaluate the Residence Hall Recreation Rooms and update the equipment to repair the damaged items and to provide newer items for the residents.

Our progress so far...
  • Discussed the idea with Lori Lambert (Director of Residence Life) and asked her to provide a list of items that the Hall Directors felt would benefit the Residence Halls.
  • Walked through the Residence Halls to make our own assessment of the Recreation Areas.
  • Evaluated the list provided to us by Residence Life and our own to create a list of possible items to purchase for the Recreation Rooms
Target completion date: January 1, 2013
Status: On Schedule


NEW: Rate My Landlord

Investigate the possibility of including a ?Rate my Landlord? service for students to be more informed about the properties around Xavier. Hopefully this will create more accountability for landlords and better experiences for all off-campus students.

Our progress so far...
  • Spoke to Cindy Stieby about current options for students.
  • Researched alternative options for a Xavier-specific site.
  • Contacted University Communications about designing the site.
  • Found Grade My Landlord which already exists for a similar purpose and will begin publicizing that site in the hopes that Xavier students can use it when making decisions about renting around campus.
  • We would love to hear any feedback on the site and if it answers the questions about renting that students need or want answered.
Status:  Completed


Alternative to Documentation Fines

Work with Residence Life to create a service program around Xavier as an alternative to having to pay a fine after being written up. Just a few options of service sites will be: physical plant assistance, office work for professors or assisting clubs.

Our progress so far...
  • Received approval to move forward with this through Residence Life
  • Created the Student Conduct Liaison (SCL) and appointed Pat Schlembach to the position after interviewing 9 candidates. The SCL will be responsible for the creation and implementation of the program
  • Pat worked all summer to establish relationships with agencies that could use volunteers throughout the year. He also met with Lori Lambert in ResLife to create the necessary paperwork for the program to function.
  • Seth and Pat met regularly to ensure the project was on track.
  • The program is ready for Fall 2012! Students will be able to do community service around Cincinnati in exchange to paying a documentation fine.
Target completion date:  August 17, 2012
Status:  Completed


Optimize Dining Hours for the Student Body

Add a to-go section for quick meals between classes (sandwiches, chips, drinks).

Work with Auxiliary Services to create a solution for meals after 8pm with the student meal plan.

Our progress so far...
  • Met with Tom Barlow (Director of Auxiliary Services) and Mike Ross (Director of the Hoff Dining Center) to discuss the possibility of expanding the Hoff Dining Hours
  • Contract has been negotiated that will allow students to use a meal swipe during their evening meal at the X-spot in CLC.
  • Hot breakfast will be served earlier on the weekends (starting at 9 am instead of 11 am as before). We are working with Auxiliary Services to continue to expand dining hours at the X-Spot or at the Hoff Cafeteria.
Target completion date:  August 17, 2012
Status:  Completed

The more usage and feedback we receive at the better we can continue adapting the dining services at Xavier!

Add Convenience Store to Campus

Our progress so far...
  • Visited the University of Cincinnati convenience store and gave Dave Johnson our approval for similar store at Xavier University
  • Received word that the convenience store is a go with the goal of opening before the start of the school year
Target completion date:  August 17, 2012
Status:  Completed


Improve Park Field

Add lights at park fields to increase safety and allow for later practices and games.

Improve condition of grass field.

Our progress so far...
Target completion date:  April 2, 2013
Status:  In Progress


Printers in All the Residence Halls

Work with Residence Life to ensure there are two computers and one printer in every dorm.

Through various meetings with IT and Discovery Services, it was understood that the printers in Buenger and the Commons received an average of < 5 prints/day. The decision was made to take the printers out of Buenger and Commons.

With that being said, Discovery Services has implemented a program this year that will allow students to send documents to any print release station on campus and print it later. Click here for more information.

Furthermore, we want to push to make printing more effective on campus so that students will not always be waiting around for an open laptop or to login. See our progress on creating a printing station under ?Establishing GSC as the Student Center on Campus Again?

Our progress so far...
  • Working to make the printers already in the residence halls work
  • Talked with Joe Christman (Director of GSC) about invested in a printer designed for the work load the GSC printers have to take and replacing the current inadequate printers in GSC.
Target completion date:  August 17, 2012
Status:  Re-evaluated


Bring a DVD Rental Kiosk to Campus

The DVD kiosk would be able to store DVDs, Blueray, video games, etc. The machine would be purchased by Xavier--which allows us to decide what DVDs go into it, allowing for student input. If housed in a convenient location as intended (such as GSC), this could be a great way for renting movies or games and closer than the RedBox by Kroger.

Our progress so far...
  • Working with Tom Barlow (Director of Auxiliary Services) and John Mercer (Director of Purchasing) to get bids from DVD vendors
  • Selected DVDNow as the best option for Xavier?s campus.
  • Met with Joe Christman to discuss potential of GSC as a location.
  • The GSC has asked us to look into ROC-U as a possible alternative to DVDNow
  • Worked with Roxi Kiosks to bring a dvd rental kiosk to campus
  • Have the contract for Roxi Kiosks and are seeking input from all players to bring it to campus as soon as possible.

Target completion date:  August 17, 2012
Status:  Delayed


Add Clocks to the Hoff Dining Center

Our progress so far...
Status:  Completed


Establish GSC as the Student Center on Campus Again

Push for new laptops, Create computer station for printing only, Broadcast Xavier Radio Station throughout GSC.

Our progress so far...
  • Walked through GSC with Joe Christman (Director of GSC) to discuss areas of improvement to the GSC
  • Joe Christman will get back to us at the end of the summer about feasibility of ideas
  • New laptops are budgeted to be replaced next year. Unfortunately, there is not enough money to allocate for new laptops this year.
  • One computer in GSC will be designated as ?quick print only? to allow for students in a rush before class to quickly print.
  • Meeting with Joe Christman (Director of GSC) to discuss new ideas on how to make GSC more student focused.
Target completion date:  April 2, 2013
Status:  On Target


Gear Events Towards Commuter and Part-Time Students

Establish better relationships with the Commuter and Part-Time Students.

Our progress so far...
  • Working with the Student Activities Council (SAC)
  • Looking to partner with commuter and part time services to accomplish this as well
  • Bought bulletin board for the commuter lounge so they can be more aware of SGA Events.
  • Will email Part-Time Students monthly with events and student government updates.
Target completion date:  April 2, 2013
Status:  On Target


We're always looking for new ways to improve how our organization works. Email us, tweet at us, leave us a message on Facebook, give us a call, or stop by the SGA office in GSC 210.

Seth Walsh: 513-745-4249
Kristin Sanfilippo: 513-745-3520
Matthew Morefield: 513-745-3345