Student Orientation

Commuter Students

With the newest Fall 2021 semester updates, classes will begin on Monday, August 16th. This will allow for all students to depart for Thanksgiving and complete finals remotely. Based upon our current knowledge, the Manresa Orientation Team and Office of Residence Life are actively working to create a move-in and orientation plan that creates opportunities for appropriate social distancing to keep the entire Xavier family safe.

Commuter Student Orientation: Manresa

Manresa is our 4-day orientation program for all first year students, including commuters! Our orientation program focuses on making connections with other new students, upper class students, and Xavier faculty and staff. Manresa provides the opportunity for all new students to understand how to succeed here at Xavier transitionally, spiritually, and academically. Manresa typically begins with breakfast around 8:00am and ends with a fun event around 11:00pm. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all provided and there are designated breaks throughout the day. Commuters are encouraged to attend all late night events, including Playfair, Illusionist Craig Karges, and more! Find out about Manresa...

Commuter Welcome

On the first day of Manresa, Commuter Students are invited to check into Manresa and attend the Commuter Meet and Greet in the Gallagher Student Center, visit the All for One Shop, and get to know campus. More information regarding this event will be available soon.

Commuter Services

The Office of Commuter Services serves the Xavier commuter population by being a resource for commuter students and advocating for the unique needs and challenges of this student population. They are committed to providing services and programs that will enhance commuter involvement and connections to the Xavier community. When you get here, they will be more than willing to help you out!

Current COVID-19 safety Protocols

  • For the safety of all, social distancing practices will be in place and all parties are expected to adhere to the guidelines.
  • All students and guests will be required to wear a mask while on campus, unless they have a documented medical condition.
  • In order to minimize density, we are not offering programming for families/guests and discourage you from bringing family members/guests to campus.
  • If you bring a family member or guest to help you feel settled, you should limit it to no more than 2 immediate family members.
  • Family members and guests should plan to depart campus no later than 3pm on Thursday, August 13

Manresa Parking

Students will park in the Cohen Lot during Manresa and do not need a parking pass during Manresa. However, all students are required to purchase a parking pass in order to park on campus starting August 16th, 2021. Commuter students can purchase a commuter parking pass through parking services or the student hub.

Directions to the Cohen Lot:


Take Exit 7 (Route 562, Norwood Lateral). Exit at Reading Road (Route 42). Turn right off the exit onto Reading Road. At the third light, take a left onto Victory Parkway. Turn left onto Dana. Turn left onto Montgomery. Turn left at the first light onto Cleneay. Turn right into the Cohen entrance, then park in the Cohen lot.


Turn right onto Duck Creek. Turn right onto Montgomery. Continue on Montgomery through the intersection of Dana and Montgomery. Turn left at the next light onto Cleneay. Turn right into the Cohen entrance, then park in the Cohen lot.


Take Dana Avenue Exit 5. Turn right off of the exit onto Dana. Turn right onto Montgomery. From Montgomery, turn left at the first light onto Cleneay. Turn right into the Cohen entrance, then park in the Cohen lot.