Manresa is our 4-day new student orientation program. The name Manresa (Man-ree-sah) refers to the town in Spain where Saint Ignatius Loyola took time to reflect on his life – past, present and future. This parallels the reflection you will experience as a student beginning your collegiate career under Xavier's mission.

Small Groups

As a new student, you will experience Manresa with a small group of other new students. You will have two experienced upper-class student leaders to show you the ropes and guide you through your first few days as a Xavier Musketeer. You can learn about your small group via the Road to Xavier website and will receive information from your group leaders before you arrive to campus.


 “Manresa is the perfect way for students to begin their college career. It eliminates the awkward getting-to-know-your-peers phase and gives everyone opportunities to make new friends. I felt extremely comfortable around my small group even after just a few hours. Not only were the activities (illusionist Craig Karges, Camp Kern, Black & White Dance) throughout the weekend fun, but they were informative and helped my classmates and I to transition into college life at Xavier. Manresa was an awesome experience and a great way to start my life at Xavier.”
Chris Bacon '14


Contact Manresa through email at Manresa@xavier.edu or call (513)-745-3662. Our friendly Manresa Core members will provide answers to all questions regarding Move In.