Move In

As a kickoff to the Manresa Orientation Program, residents will move into their permanent university housing assignment. Our very willing and able Move Crew will carry all of your students' belongings up to your room so you can get settled in and start making a home at Xavier! Find out when you MOVE IN!



Manresa is our 4-day orientation program for all first year students. The name "Manresa" (Man-ree-sah) refers to the town in Spain where Saint Ignatius Loyola took time to reflect on his life - past, present, and future. Manresa will give you the opportunity to look back on your past, enjoy your present, and set goals for your future. Find out about Manresa...




Steps away from academic buildings, Gallagher Student Center, Hoff Dining Commons, Bellarmine Chapel, and more, Xavier's residence halls and apartments are at the center of campus activity! All five residence halls and various apartment complexes for sophomores, juniors, seniors, and graduate students offer a secure, convenient, and engaging environment for students to live and learn. Learn more about the different Xavier's residence halls and apartment-style housing options HERE!