Packing List

There are a lot of websites out there with information about how to pack for college and what to bring. Although these websites all have good suggestions, there is a specific Xavier University packing list that has an outline of what to bring and what not to bring based on our Student Handbook. Click here for Xavier's packing list!


Labeling Boxes

Labeling your boxes for when you are moving in is simple. First, make sure everything is securely packed in boxes or containers and if something is breakable please reinforce it with some sort of padding. Once the boxes are all packed, please label them with both a first and last name and the room number in the specific residence hall. A good way to make sure your label is noticed is to write with a permanent marker on masking tape. For example, on every single box brought for move in, a you might put, "Ima Musketeer- 117 Brockman Hall". This helps in case anything gets misplaced, we can find the appropriate owner!


Contact Manresa through email at or call (513)-745-3662. Our friendly Manresa Core members will provide answers to all questions regarding Move In.