Manresa Staff Members or "Staffers" consists of returning students who are in charge of all "behind-the-scenes" work that is so important in making the orientation program run smoothly. Staff manages the logistical preparations and arrangements for Manresa activities. Staff members help in coordinating move-in procedures, organizing all facility set-ups, and see to it that everything's ready for new students. Look here for more updates throughout the summer for important staff information. Your fabulous FAC leaders are in bold on the list below.



Lizzy Archer Brianna Boyce Megan Celestina
James-Lewis Cerda Bryan Crigger Ellie Czejkowski
Ian Featherstone Donald Foley Charese Foster
Becky Hagedorn Megan Hanes Riley Sheehy
Winston Kunkel Michael Pappas Sofia Pascual-Hawayek
Collin Platts Giselle Spadaro Nicholas Talbot
Sam Thill   Naomi Woodson-Levey




If you do not have your group's contact information please contact the Manresa email at!