Student Leadership Assembly

April 7, 2018

Every year during the university-wide celebration known as All Honors Day, student leaders are recognized for their contributions and accomplishments during the Student Leadership Assembly.

The Student Leadership Assembly includes numerous awards for student leaders active across campus. The awards recognize students of all ages and experience levels.  A complete list of the Student Leadership Assembly awards, their descriptions and the process for nominating and applying for the awards are included on this page.   

In photo:  Jeffrey A. Schneider, President of the Xavier University National Alumni Association presenting the 2015 Father Francis J. Finn, S.J. Award to senior Andrew C. Dziedzic.

Award Selection Process

STEP 1: Xavier faculty or staff members nominate students via the online nomination form.

STEP 2: Student Involvement verifies nominees and eligibility for award consideration.

STEP 3: Nominees are notified of their nomination and invited to complete an online application for full consideration. 

STEP 4: Selection committees review the application materials based upon the award criteria.

STEP 5: Honorees are invited to the award presentation at the Student Leadership Assembly.


2017 Award Recipients

Outstanding Contribution to Residential Students
   Hannah M. Sheppard

Outstanding Contribution to Commuter Students
   Brandon R. Luther

Outstanding Contribution to Non-Traditional Students
   Leslie R. Case

Outstanding Contribution to Graduate Students
   Kelly M. Kleier

Silver X Key Achievement Awards
   Benmun H. Damul
   Anna E. DeHondt
   Mary M. Fanning
   Aaron L. Klohn
   Rachel R. Krevh
   Megan R. Stewart
   Jennifer N. Stoker
   Elizabeth A. Zalla
Gold X Key Achievement Awards
   Haley M. Beavers
   Talor M. Crawford
   Jack H. Delisio
   Victoria L. Doss
   Xye N. Inzauro
   Sean P. James
   Zachary K. Moeller
   Michaella M. Norris
   Sarah C. Ochieng
   Adam R. Purvis
   Matthew W. Schamber
   Hannah M. Sheppard
   Alison C. Trianfo

Student Employee of the Year
  Abigail Ball

Kaela Allton Wellness Leadership Award 
  Kara L. Ratterman

Ambassador Award 
  Sarah C. Ochieng

Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Award 
  Eseghene O. Obrimah

Newman Civic Fellows Award 
  Eseghene O. Obrimah

Charles J. Ping Community Service Award 
  Emma H. Allen

David Streicher Spirit of Xavier Award
  Kevin J. Cekanor

Sally Watson Leadership Award
   Talor M. Crawford
   Eseghene O. Obrimah

Dorothy Day Award
   John H. Delisio
   Zachary M. Moeller

Father Francis J. Finn, S.J. Award 
  Adam V. Tortelli

Presidents Award for Excellence in Leadership
   Haley M. Beavers
   Victoria L. Doss
   Sarah C. Ochieng
   Jeremiah E. Pennebaker



Award Descriptions

For a full description of Student Leadership Assembly awards or to nominate a student.


Award  Nominations

Students must be nominated for award recognition by a Xavier faculty or staff.


Award Applications

Students will be notified if they have been nominated for an award and will be required to complete an application to be considered for the award. 


Award Contact

The Student Leadership Assembly is coordinated by the Office of Student Involvement. For more information, contact 513.745.3004 or email