Button Maker

Make your very own buttons for promotional events, fundraising, club events and more. Available for check out in the Office of Student Involvement Monday-Friday 8:30am-6:00pm.

We have a limited amount of button components for use. You can purchase your own button supplies at ButtonMakers.NET. Button components consist of a shell, a sheet of mylar, and a back (these three components are usually sold together) - you will need one of each of these to make a button. Our machine makes 2 1/4" buttons only.

Use any of the following templates to create your graphic.
Word Template (full page)
(When designing your button leave a margin wide enough to fold over sides)
Photoshop Template (single button)
JPEG Template (single button)

Follow these instructions to make your buttons:
Instructions for Use

How to make everything with a 2-1/4" button machine from ButtonMakers.net from buttonmakers on Vimeo.