Advisors play a critical role in the success of our clubs and organizations.  To better support our student organization advisors and the resources created for them, the Office of Student Involvement is currently developing new online resources as well as a new Advisor Manual.

2016-2017 Advisor Manual (.pdf)

The Advisor Manual offers valuable resources related to advisors for their role with student organizations.  The manual includes some basic information related to policies and procedures, but primarily focuses on coaching advisors on how to best serve their student groups using a variety of resources.

Fall 2015 Student Organization Advisor Workshop (.pptx)  
This PowerPoint presentation is the companion to the Advisor Manual for the Fall 2015 Advisor Workshop sessions.

Chaperone Agreement & Checklist (.pdf)  
Student Organizations intending to travel off campus are required to identify a faculty or staff member to serve as a chaperone traveling with students.  The role of the chaperone is better defined in the Chaperone Agreement, in addition to a checklist of responsibilities the chaperone agrees to take on when agreeing to support the trip.  Completed Chaperone Agreement & Checklist forms should be submitted to the Office of Student Involvement prior to the trip - recommended at least 14 days prior to departure.


Do you have a question about an organization you are currently advising or are you a faculty/staff member interested in becoming a club advisor?   Contact us!Q