The Friedlander Family Fund was created to reduce financial barriers for students who wish to be involved in collegiate engagement opportunities.  Examples of involvement opportunities supported by this fund include, but are not limited to, such experiences as retreats, campus programs, events, or conferences with participation expenses.

Friedlander Family Fund Guidelines


*Application must be submitted two weeks before the start of your activity




  • Funding and support will be determined based on financial need as determined by financial aid information held by the Office of Financial Aid
  • Domestic students are eligible for funding only if they have completed a FASFA for determining financial need
  • International students are not required to have a FASFA; the determination of financial need will weigh more heavily on justification on their application
  • Applications cannot be completed on behalf of a student
  • Friedlander funding cannot be used to subsidize student organization or departmental expenses

Application Requirements

  • Applicants must disclose any additional financial support requested or received
  • Applications must be complete with a break-down of expenses for the request in the Activity Budget Template in Excel format; the template must be uploaded within the application for consideration
  • Applications for funding will not be accepted after the official last day of classes spring semester.
  • Applications must be submitted two weeks before the start of the activity


  • Funding will not exceed $500 for any one opportunity
  • Funding for international travel will not exceed $500 for any one opportunity
  • Funding for conference attendance will not exceed $350 for any one opportunity
  • Funding is distributed as a reimbursement in the form of direct deposit or personal check mailed to your home address on file with the University. Only Xavier University study abroad tuition and program fees can be issued in advance of the opportunity and can only be disbursed to your Bursar account as a scholarship; this must be indicated on your application.
  • You will only be reimbursed expenses for which you can provide proof of purchase
  • Food, meals, and personal items will not be funded
  • Students can apply for Friedlander funding more than once in an academic year
  • Undergraduate student are limited to a maximum total of $850 of funding per academic year; graduate students are limited to a maximum total of $665 of funding per academic year

Impact Submission

  • It is through the generosity of the Friedlander family that awards to students are provided. It is therefore an expectation that all students receiving a Friedlander Fund Award submit a demonstration of impact to share with them how the availability of the award contributed to your experience as Xavier University student. (Demonstration of impact can be in the form of a letter, photographs, video, blog, etc.)

500 words or less

Download and complete the Activity Budget Template

500 words or less

500 words or less

Download the AP Direct Deposit Form. Complete this form and return to the Accounts Payable Office in Schimdt Hall to have your reimbursement deposited to your bank account. Do not return this form to any other office.