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Diasporic Soul

The Diasporic Soul experience provided by the organization's co-founders Phyllis Jeffers-Coly and Eddy Coly provides Xavier students a healing-centered leadership development experience that holds space for them to deepen their ability to be self-aware, loving, inter-culturally competent leaders who practice self-care and recognize their capacity for healing, restoration, resilience and resistance so that they are able to collaborate with others in order to create change and pursue healing justice. ​

Diasporic Soul’s healing-centered approach includes integrating culture and soulfully-oriented contemplative practices, including yoga, healing rituals and reflective journaling. For more information you can visit: ​

Their Diasporic Soul Leadership Development Experience also included presenting at this year’s Dakar Institute for African Studies (DIAS) international conference. Prior to arriving in Senegal, the students authored chapters in the recently released book - Anti-Black Racism and Epistemic Violence (Sentio 2018) written by Dr. Shahid. In the text, their respective autobiographical testimonies allow them to question, challenge and resist the imposed and colonizing standards, traditions, and epistemologies that maintain white supremacy and perpetuate anti-blackness in the academy. At the conference, they engaged in Django Praxis by presenting their testimonies with music, critical inquiry, poetry, and storytelling as vehicles for healing and restoration. Their engaging, relevant and dynamic presentation was very much well-received. ​


2018 Cohort


  • Diamond Brown
  • Ese Obrimah
  • Adrian Parker
  • Zachary Taylor


  • Audrey Calloway
  • Dr. Kyra Shahid

2019 Cohort


  • Jamie Carter
  • Alecia Conway
  • Amir Davis
  • Samiya Jackson
  • Clarence Lyles III
  • Maia Manney
  • Miah McLaurin
  • Andrew Michael
  • Deshayla Mitchem
  • Brandon Russell
  • Ihsan Walker


  • Audrey Calloway
  • Adrian Parker

2021 Cohort