Stained Glass Initiative

Our compelled response to slavery and historical racism

The Stained Glass Initiative has been established to further cultural restoration, healing and repair for descendants of enslaved Africans at Xavier University. Xavier’s Historical connections to slavery and historical racism are the impetus for SGI and the initiative includes projects that further our efforts to dismantle anti-Black racism, establish racial truth and contribute to repair, healing, and reconciliation.

Diasporic Soul Application Live​

Diasporic Soul’s healing-centered approach includes integrating culture and soulfully-oriented contemplative practices, including yoga, healing rituals and reflective journaling.

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Join the Black Empowerment Experience ​

The Black Empowerment Experience provides an escape and immersion into a Black dimension that fosters community, culture, and creativity. Participants will gain exposure to contemplative practices by way of dance, music, food, and reflection that promote Black intellectual power for the benefit of Black people. ​

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