Stained Glass Initiative

Stained Glass Initiative

The Stained Glass Initiative has been established to further cultural restoration, healing and repair for descendants of enslaved Africans at Xavier University. Xavier’s Historical connections to slavery and historical racism are the impetus for SGI and the initiative includes projects that further our efforts to dismantle anti-Black racism, establish racial truth and contribute to repair, healing, and reconciliation.

History of Stained Glass

 Dr. Kyra Shahid established the Stained Glass Initiative (SGI) to institutionalize racial repair and reconciliation at Xavier University. This initiative builds on the work established by the working group on slavery in 2018.  Learn more about SGI and get involved today.

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Renaming Fenwick Place

Several years ago, research conducted by Professor C. Walker Gollar led to the discovery that Bishop Edward Fenwick, the founder of the College of the Athenaeum (which became St. Xavier High School and Xavier University), was a slaveholder.  The renaming has put forth a suggestion for the renaming of the building. Visit links below to learn more about Fenwick and weigh in on the university's decision to rename the building.

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Educational Resourses

Find access to books, articles, recordings and additional resourses to deepen your understanding of racial repair, healing, and reconciliation.

Library guide on Racial Justice

Anti-Black Racism and Epistemic Violence

Students can explore the impact of racism on the concept and production of knowledge, particularly in the lives of Black college students in the United States through EDXC242:Anti-Black Racism and Epistemic Violence.  This course is available to all students and serves as a prerequisite for the Diasporic Soul racial healing experience.

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