School Counseling Graduate Program

Department of Counseling - The School Counselor

The Master of Arts degree with a concentration in school counseling is a professional degree designed to meet the educational requirements for licensure as a school counselor.

"The school counselor is a certified professional educator who assists students, teachers, parents, and administrators. Three generally recognized helping processes used by the counselor are counseling, consulting, and coordinating:

  1. Counseling is a complex helping process in which the counselor establishes a trusting and confidential working relationship. The focus is on problem-solving, decision-making, and discovering personal meaning related to learning and development;
  2. Consultation is a cooperative process in which the counselor-consultant assists others to think through problems and to develop skills that make them more effective in working with students;
  3. Coordination is a leadership process in which the counselor helps organize and manage a school's counseling program and related services.

School counselors are employed in elementary, middle/junior high, senior high and post secondary schools. Their work is differentiated by attention to age-specific developmental stages of growth and related interests, tasks, and challenges. School counselors are human behavior and relationship specialists who organize their work around fundamental interventions."

* This information is taken from The Practice of Guidance and Counseling by School Counselors: ASCA Role Statement. Copyright 1990 American School Counselor Association.