Fire Safety Training and Videos

Because fire safety is so important, we have provided links on this page to many of the videos we use in student fire safety training. If you missed the training or simply want to review what you learned, we encourage you to visit the video that was presented in your training session.

As pointed out in your training, it is important to note that the fire detection and warning system is different in every building just as the layout of the building and the number and location of exits is different. Knowing how the alarm system works is of the utmost importance. As you move from one residence hall to another or particularly off campus the situation changes. Knowing how you are protected and what the differences are is critically important to your safety and well being. If you missed the fire safety training for your building, please watch the video which most closely resembles your current living situation.

Note to staff and faculty: While these videos are specifically geared to students, there are valuable lessons in fire safety and prevention which apply to anyone. They are especially important to get you thinking about fire safety at work and at home. The information in these videos could help you avoid a costly fire or possibly save your life or the life of a loved one.

Link to the video to watch the one most applicable to your living situation.

  • Get Out and Stay Alive: The best and most comprehensive video for all freshmen , applies to Brockman, Husman and Kuhlman. 16 minutes
  • FEMA Campus Fire Safety 101: The second best video, applies to sophomores at all housing locations. 13 minutes
  • Dominic's Story: Some emphasis on the value of sprinklers, good for Commons students. 17 minutes, 30 seconds
  • Graduation: Fatally Denied: Applies to the Village Apartments with an emphasis on careless smoking - also applies to juniors and seniors moving off campus. 13 minutes
  • Dana Christmas Story: Relates the story of an RA who was burned helping to save the students in her residence hall at Seton Hall University. 8 minutes, 30 seconds
  • Living With Fire: A mock room burn conducted at the University of Massachusetts, good video for Buenger students. 8 minutes
  • Live Burn Dorm Room: Good for everyone, illustrates how a small fire can very quickly consume a dorm room. 12 minutes
  • Best Line of Defense: Illustrates the value of sprinklers, Commons. 5 minutes
  • Ready to Respond: Safety program for housing administrators - good for Residence Life Staff and RA's. 12 minutes