Constitution Student Alumni Association Xavier University Amended 11/08

The name of this organization shall be the Student Alumni Association of Xavier University, hereafter known as SAA.

The Xavier University Student Alumni Association is committed to spreading awareness of the importance of philanthropy, strengthening the bond between students and alumni, and creating a community that nurtures the communication and mutual appreciation between students and alumni. Our vision is to spearhead student philanthropy projects that help to bring campus wide understanding of the importance of service and giving back to the Xavier community in accordance with the Jesuit ideals and education that students and alumni value so highly. As a group, we value giving back not only to the Xavier community but also our surrounding communities. The Jesuit education teaches us all to live a life of service and solidarity. SAA values the idea of applying these Jesuit teachings back to the community that gave them to us. We recognize and value the importance of staying involved as alumni and hope to establish a variety of avenues to interact with them.

Section A: New Members
In order to become a member of SAA, each applicant is required to complete a selection process. This process, which will be held be soon thereafter club day on the mall, will begin with the submitting of form by any student willing to join. These forms, henceforth to be referred to as applications, will be reviewed by current members of SAA and executives, after which an interview process will follow, in which at least one (1) current SAA exec and (1) current member must be present. Executives must then vote on approval of new members by 2/3 majority vote. Rock paper scissor is not a valid form of settling ties; ties shall result in lobbying until 2/3 vote is met. Ties will also be settled by the Advisor, who is not allowed a vote during initial voting process. The organization may never exceed 35 members. Members must also have a minimum grade point average of 2.5 and be in good disciplinary standing with the University. No exceptions. Seniors may makeup no more than ¼ of new members.

Section B: Returning Members
Returning members must attend a re-orientation meeting with executives. Returning members can be denied admittance based on previous contributions and improvement. Executives and Advisor have final say on admittance. Returning members are also asked to keep open a pre-determined time slot for SAA meetings. Failure to do so can result in denial to re-admittance.* *Exceptions can be made if said returning member is able to lift a car over his or her head (must hold for three seconds).

Section A: President
The president is responsible for the overall management and coordination of the organization and to execute, enforce, and carry out the Constitution. He/she presides at all meetings in conjunction with the executives and shall be responsible for forming the agenda with the vice-president. He/she shall work closely with both the advisors and executives to meet the organization's goals and maintain the organization's involvement and accountability to the mission statement. He/she shall act as a representative to outside organizations. He/she shall encourage a cohesive and strong organization.

Section B: Vice President
The vice president shall preside at meetings in the absence of the president. In acting in place of the president, the vice president has all the powers, duties, privileges, and responsibilities of the office. He/she shall form meeting agendas with the president. He/she shall be required to serve as the chairperson of the ad-hoc Constitutional Review Committee. He/she shall serve as a liaison between the executives and the other committee chairs.

Section C: Secretary
The secretary records the minutes of each meeting along with maintaining attendance records for all meetings and activities and is responsible for reserving rooms for upcoming events and activities. He/she shall submit information to the website/portal page. He/she shall keep the group informed of upcoming events and responsibilities via e-mail communication. He/she shall compile a summary of each committee's business as reported by committee chairs to include in general meeting agendas. He/she shall maintain a current list of members.

Section D: Treasurer
The treasurer shall supervise and regulate the budget to include depositing and dispersing funds, and preparing financial reports with the assistance of the advisor. He/she shall be responsible for transactions and keeping permanent record and for making general reports at meetings. He/she shall work closely with the advisor to maintain funds provided by the Xavier University National Alumni Association.

Section E: Committee Chairpersons
The SAA Committees are as follows: Alumni Relations, Cakes, Community Involvement, Social, and Tuition Runs Out Day. All committees have at least one chairperson who shall be responsible for calling, organizing and leading their committee meetings at least once a month. The positions of chairperson shall be a academic year long commitment and shall only be terminated in dire situations. Chairpersons shall plan, implement, and evaluate each event or project sponsored by their committee. Committee chairpersons are selected by the Executive Committee after re-orientation meetings are conducted and no person may serve as chair for more than one committee at a time. All chairpersons shall report committee business to the Executive Committee at the monthly Executive/ Chair meetings.

Article V: Elections
Section A: Executive Committee Elections:
Executive Committee elections shall be held each March at a large group meeting.

1. Nominations will be accepted at the meeting prior to elections

2. Nominations are limited to only one office per candidate

Section B: Election procedures:
1. Each candidate will be given the opportunity to speak in regard to their qualification for the positions. If they are unable to attend, a proxy may be chosen by the candidate to read a statement.

2. All members present the day of voting will have the opportunity to vote. a. All members not able to be present the day of voting will be given the opportunity to vote in absentia with votes being emailed to the advisor no less than 24 hours prior to the start of the election meeting.

3. Voting order will start with the secretary, then the treasurer, then vice president and finally conclude with the president. The vote will be conducted blindly. A candidate must receive a majority of the votes. In case of a tie, each candidate shall lobby and the re-vote will be postponed for a week. In that week, each member must e-mail the current president and advisor their vote choice. Voting ends at 5pm, a week after the initial vote.

4. Any motion to alter the voting process must be made prior to the meeting when running commitments are declared.

Section C: Terms:
Executive committee members will hold a one-year office term with the possibility for re-election the following year. The term will begin annually during the fourth week of April and conclude in the fourth week of April the following year. There will be a two term limit for any member holding the same office. In the event one becomes an executive midway through the year he/she will be credited as having served an entire year.

Section D: Eligibility:
A student must be a member of SAA for a minimum of six months, in good standing with SAA and the University, in order to run for an officer's position. In the event a student has been engaged in service learning or studying abroad for a semester, he/she can still run for office. It is that student's responsibility to notify SAA via an email proxy of their intended desire to run for office. In order to be eligible for office the student must be able to commit for being at Xavier for the entire year that their term runs through.

Section A: Presidential Vacancy In the event of a presidential vacancy, the vice president will automatically assume the office of president.

Section B: Other Vacancies
In the event that there is a vacancy in any non-presidential position, any current member of SAA, excluding the president, is allowed to run for that position. Elections will follow the same election format as set out in Article V Section B. In the event that a member of the current executive committee would like to run for the vacated spot, they must vacate the right to their currently held position and another election be held to fill the aforementioned vacancy. Regardless of election outcome, that member is required to train their replacement in a manner that will orchestrate a smooth role transition. In the event additional mentoring is needed, the past executive is obliged to serve as a mentor throughout the remainder of the term. The newly elected executive will finish out the remainder of the term, which will count as one full term in the situation the newly elected wishes to run for a second term.

Section C: Charges for Removal

1. An SAA member bringing charges against another member must first notify the advisor of the charges. At that point, the advisor will set up a meeting between the student presenting the charges, the accused, the SAA president and him/herself. In the event the president is one of the parties involved in the accusation, the vice president will be asked to attend. At this meeting, the charges will be presented and the accused will be given the opportunity to defend him/herself. If the accused is not present at an agreed upon time of meeting, he/she forfeits his/her rights to defend him/herself.

2. In the case of an investigation, the president (or vice president, if charges are against the president) will appoint a committee consisting of the president (or vice president), committee chairs and the advisor. The advisor and president (or vice president) will co-chair this committee. The investigation committee shall give a report of its findings at a regular SAA meeting. All appeals must be made in writing to the advisor.

3. Upon hearing the findings, SAA may remove the accused by a 2/3 blind vote of all active SAA members. Or, SAA members may vote to vindicate the accused using the same voting method.

4. If the accused does not appear at this meeting, he/she forfeits his/her right to defend him/herself.

Section A: Executive Committee
The Executive Committee shall consist of one president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer.

Section B: Standing Teams All general members shall serve on an SAA committee.

1. SAA Committees:
a. The Community Involvement Committee shall be responsible for generating ideas for service activities to be programmed for the SAA. This committee is responsible for presenting at least two community service opportunities per semester in which SAA members can participate.

b. The Social Committee shall be responsible for planning and organizing all Student Alumni Association social events throughout the year. Annual events include, but are not limited to, the Campout to be held the 1st weekend in October and the Christmas Party to be held the weekend before finals. The committee shall also be responsible for coordinating at least one more event in the Fall and two more events in the Spring.

c. The Tuition Runs Out Day Committee shall be responsible for the management, production and promotion of Tuition Runs Out Day, SAA's premiere annual student philanthropy event, held in the spring semester. In addition to the coordination of TROD, the committee must also produce one passive event during the fall semester in anticipation of the official Tuition Runs Out Day in the spring.

d. The Alumni Relations Committee shall be responsible for planning events in which SAA members can interact directly with Alumni. The Committee will also work closely with the director and assistant director of the National Alumni Association to learn what events are already planned through Xavier and assist in those events. The Committee will correspond most directly with the advisor of SAA to stay abreast of any and all alumni events in which students can be involved.

e. The Cake Committee shall be responsible for the organization, planning, and delivery of all cakes. This committee shall not have committee members other than the chairpersons. The committee chairpersons are responsible for presenting the cake information for the year during the campout weekend. The chairs are also responsible for organizing the orders and delivery schedule throughout the year. The Committee shall correspond with the executives, especially the treasurer, and the advisor of SAA to keep them up-to-date with cake funds and plan any promo's for the upcoming spring to be mailed over the summer.

The advisor of the Student Alumni Association shall be determined by the administration of the National Alumni Association. The advisor shall hold a non-voting position of the board and will serve alongside the executive committee. The advisor shall be present for bi-weekly meetings with the executives and chairpersons and bi-weekly meetings with the entire SAA body. The advisor shall also serve on the TROD committee.

Section A: General Meetings All general meetings will be held bi-weekly at a predetermined time. The meeting time for the following year will be selected by returning SAA members at the large group meeting held in the first week of April. Each active member of SAA shall be entitled to one vote on all matters properly presented to the membership. One-third of the SAA membership must be present to conduct a meeting. All general meetings are mandatory. If a member is unable to attend a meeting he or she is required to inform the executives at least forty-eight hours prior to the meeting. The member will only be excused if he or she informs the executives with in the allotted time limit and he or she is able to provide a legitimate excuse.

Section B: Executive Meetings Executive Committee Meetings shall be held separate from general meetings. These meetings will be held on a bi-weekly basis. The Executive Committee is also required to partake in a minimum of two (2) office hours.

Section C: Committee Chair Meetings The Committee Chairs will meet with the Executive Committee monthly at a predetermined time. The Committee Chairs are also responsible to partake in one (1) office hour. The Committee Chairs are required to hold a meeting with their committee members at least once a month at a predetermined time.


Section A: Amendment Procedure

1. Authorization - The power to make, alter, amend, or repeal this constitution or by-laws is vested in the active members of SAA, but, such action shall be taken only during a regular general meeting or a special meeting called by the president for such purposes.

2. Notification - The constitution or by-laws may be amended or repealed only after written notice of the proposed change is given not less than one week prior to the date of the voting of said change. Time of enactment for the change shall be included in the proposal.

3. Voting - In order to amend or repeal this constitution, 2/3 of members must be present to conduct the necessary vote. Section B: Revision of the By-Laws By-laws may be added, when necessary, subsequent to a majority vote of the SAA membership. Section C: Revision Procedures for the Constitution The constitution shall be reviewed each year, and when necessary by the ad-hoc Constitutional Review Committee chaired by the vice president. Procedures for approved revisions shall follow for those amendments.