Course Registration in the Road to Xavier

Last year, Xavier's Priority Registration Experience Program (PREP) became part of the Road to Xavier process for incoming students. (For more information about the Road to Xavier itself, please refer to last year's message to campus about the site.)

New to the site this year is the ability for incoming freshmen to register for their courses entirely online.

Quick Overview:

  • To help new students prepare to register for their first semester classes, the Road to Xavier provides incoming students with videos about academic expectations and the advising process at Xavier.
  • Students receive personalized training materials, worksheets and answers to frequently asked questions about how to select and register for courses based on criteria like their major and placement test scores.
  • Students complete their schedule through Self-Service and submit it to an academic advisor for approval. Advisors greet the students with an email that notes whether their schedule is approved or needs to be modified, with instructions on how to make any needed changes.
  • One-on-one help is available to students via email or by phone during business and extended evening hours.
What to do if you get questions about registration in R2X:

If students, parents, or other members of the campus community have questions about how to register in R2X, please direct them to call 513-745-3301 or email


Road to Xavier home page

Registration Process

Advising Preparation

Like last year, students have the opportunity to watch videos that detail academic expectations, expectations for grades and an overview of their first semester and how they will be registering for it. After reading frequently asked advising questions, like "How do I identify my academic advisor?" and "Can I have more than one major?" students are quizzed on this information to make sure they understand.

Placement tests are also still completed online.

Registration Training

Once students are ready to start creating their schedules, they are presented with a number of training materials and tools to help them navigate the registration process smoothly and be able to easily ask for help if they need it. These include:

1. A registration training landing page, with FAQs, scheduling worksheet, and an easy link to contact an advisor for help.




2. Placement exam information and a recommended first semester schedule, put together by advisors based on student majors.




3. Step-by-step instructions on searching and registering for classes.




Advisor Approval

After students register for their courses in Self-Service, they also submit their completed schedule to an advisor for approval. This process ensures that students' schedules are appropriate for their major and level, while also giving students the opportunity to choose the courses and class times that they prefer. If the advisor has any concerns about the schedule, he or she reaches out to the student to provide guidance and assistance.



If you have any questions about the Road to Xavier experience, email You can also contact the Office of Undergraduate Admission at 513-745-3301.