COVID-19 Resource Center

Treatment (Including Quarantine & Isolation)

Students receiving COVID-19 tests at the Student Health Services (located at the HUB) will complete a Student Contact Tracing Report Form, which will assist the University in contact tracing efforts should the student test positive for COVID-19.

Students who receive a COVID-19 test at Student Health Services will be provided resource information which will include:

  • End of Visit Summary and Instructions from the TriHealth Medical Provider
  • Resource lists for on-campus residents and off-campus non-resident students
  • Assigned temporary housing information, and keys to quarantine/isolation space if applicable
  • Meal instruction/campus support resource information
  • TriHealth medical staff will provide a letter to the student that can be shared with faculty and/or employers.
  • Both on and off campus residents will be advised to return to their permanent residence if they can do so safely.


Students will leave the Student Health Center to begin quarantine or isolation in a designated on- or near-campus quarantine/isolation space or their current on-campus residence hall assignment. On-campus residents who are assigned a designated on- or near-campus quarantine/isolation space will be provided with PPE to return to their assigned residential space to collect their belongings to take with them to the designated quarantine living space.

  • Students will be advised that the transition from their housing assignment to the quarantine space should take place as quickly as possible, generally not to exceed 30 minutes.
  • Those living off-campus will be asked to return to their off-campus housing and begin self-quarantine immediately.

Daily Check-In

  • Symptomatic students (both on and off-campus) who are awaiting test results will receive daily check-ins from the TriHealth Medical Team for symptom management.
  • Students who test positive will receive information from Student Health Services regarding isolation protocols and guidance regarding the earliest possible date of release from isolation.
  • Per CDC guidelines, the close contacts of students who receive a positive test result will be released from self-quarantine after 14 days have passed since the start of their quarantine period. This will be the case even if the close contact receives a negative COVID test.
  • Close contacts who become symptomatic should contact Health Services for direction in care/symptom management and possible scheduling of an appointment with Student Health Services.

Release from Quarantine/Isolation

  • Students engaging in quarantine or isolation will be released from quarantine/self-quarantine restrictions under the direction of the TriHealth medical provider in accordance with CDC guidelines.
  • Letters of release will be provided to these students by TriHealth and Xavier, respectively.
  • Students who transitioned to isolation, who meet the criteria for release from isolation as identified by CDC will be released at the appropriate time indicated by TriHealth medical staff and will receive documentation affirming their clearance and release.