COVID-19 Resource Center



Xavier's student contact tracing protocols will follow the recommendations of the ODH & CDC and the guidance of our medical partners at TriHealth. Xavier will work closely with the local health departments to coordinate contact tracing practices and share information as directed by the health department.

Contact tracing will focus on the identification of individuals who were "close contacts" (as defined by CDC) of the infected individual.

Per CDC guidelines, individuals are identified as close contact if they meet the following requirements:

  • The individuals were closer than 6 feet AND
  • They spent more than 15 minutes together

All contact tracing communications will offer clear guidance regarding what "close contact" entails.

Contact tracing for students who receive COVID-19 testing at Student Health Services will begin with the individuals identified by the student on the contact tracing questionnaire.

Should a student test positive:

  • Close contacts are advised:
    • To contact Student Health Services to arrange for active virus testing (per CDC guidelines)
    • To self-quarantine
    • To self-monitor symptoms
    • To contact Student Health Services to schedule a COVID test

  • Classmates & Faculty are advised:
    • That an individual in their class tested positive for COVID-19
    • That if all community commitments were followed (ie. social distancing, mask-wearing) no additional action is needed
      • To monitor symptoms
      • To contact Student Health Services or health care provider for medical guidance should symptoms develop

  • Teammates (if applicable) would be advised:
    • On a case by case basis in accordance with clinical guidelines
    • To contact Student Health Services for medical guidance should symptoms develop
    • To maintain privacy, names of students testing positive will not be shared

  • Only close contacts will be notified of exposure to an individual with a confirmed case.

  • Incidental exposure or interaction that occurs with at least 6 feet of distance and for less than 15 minutes (such as walking by someone in the hallway) is not considered close contact.