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Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion continues to be a top priority for Xavier University, and in light of current issues affecting our global and local community, we are committed to aligning our efforts this year to help support conversations around social change at all levels. This year, the Center for Diversity and Inclusion has expanded opportunities for training and development and will continue to offer relationship building opportunities that strengthen our capacity to build community. With safety as a top priority, our student organizations will offer exciting programming that will engage you in many cultural traditions.

Traditional programs, including the LatinX expo, the Drag Show sponsored by LGBTQ Alliance, and our various cultural galas are being reimagined and affinity spaces and support groups are being offered in hybrid settings. Additionally, institutional efforts to address our historical connections to slavery are underway and you will have opportunities to learn about the work Xavier has done and how you can get involved with the Stained Glass Initiative and contribute to racial repair, healing and reconciliation at Xavier.

If you would like to learn more about our 10+ student groups, advocacy or leadership opportunities please visit our website. More details about our virtual and hybrid activities will also be made available on the CDI website, and you can follow us on Instagram @xucdi for instant updates, live broadcasts, and interactive social campaigns.

International students are also a valued and integral part of Xavier’s community. They are in your classes, residence halls, and student groups. To connect more intentionally with international students, look for information through the Center for International Education.