COVID-19 Resource Center

Residence Life Approach to Safety

Residence Halls and Apartments at Xavier are living environments where great community and friendships are built. As we deal with the global pandemic, the Office of Residence Life would like to share our Approach to Safety for the upcoming year.

The majority of Xavier’s apartment or residence hall units are “households.” The student living unit is like a “family household” where occupants are living together and integrated into one another’s lives. By living within the same room/suite/apartment occupants will be touching the same handles, surfaces, furniture, and fixtures. Through education and provided resources we believe unit occupants can control their environment and coordinate sanitation among their Xavier “household”.

As we approach the issues and challenges associated with COVID-19, it will take all members of our residential and campus community to help reduce the risk of exposure to Coronavirus. There are steps the University is taking and steps we ask students to take to help reduce the potential spread of the virus. Please review these items prior to your arrival on-campus.

Steps the University is Taking to Promote Health and Safety

  • Socially distanced move-in. We have expanded the move-in period and are requiring students to sign-up for a specific move-in time to help physically distance. During move-in we are asking students and those assisting them to wear a mask and keep 6 feet of distance between others as much as possible.
  • Elevators will be a physically distanced space. For move-in periods students and their immediate family/friends can be in the elevator together. After move-in only 1 student will be able to use the elevator at a time given the size of the elevators which do not allow for 6 feet of physical distancing.
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided in the main lobbies of residential areas and in elevator lobbies. Students and guests are encouraged to use hand sanitizer after touching surfaces or wash your hands in a bathroom.
  • Common areas will be cleaned thoroughly and regularly by University employees.
  • Bathroom cleaning:
    • Brockman Hall bathrooms will be cleaned every weekday morning by Xavier staff and touched-up/sanitized at the end of the day. Additionally, plexiglass barriers have been added between sinks.
    • Husman, Kuhlman, Buenger and Fenwick Place residents will be provided with cleaning supplies (cleanser, paper towels and a toilet brush) and required to clean their own bathroom. This keeps staff from entering the household and allows students to clean more frequently than the once a week service offered to these buildings in the past. Replacement cleaning supplies (cleanser and paper towels) and toilet paper will be available for pick-up at the RA desk during duty hours by students to limit contact with an employee.
    • Apartments/Houses - Students living in these residential areas will be expected to clean their own bathrooms and provide their own toilet paper and cleaning supplies, as they have in the past years.
  • Students will only have All-Card access to the building to which they are assigned to limit density. Additionally, students will only be permitted to have a very limited number of guests in their unit. More information will be shared prior to student arrival.
  • As much as possible, Residence Life administrative processes (i.e. check-in, Room Condition Reports, fee collection, etc.) will be revised to be “touchless” processes.
  • RA programming will continue to be offered to residents. Events will happen in a variety of ways (in person and virtually) to build community. Students will be asked to observe safety measures during in-person programs. If food is served at programs, it will be offered as a single-serve/pre-packaged item and students will be required to use hand-sanitizer or wash their hands prior to eating.
  • The University has identified quarantine/isolation space for on-campus residents who are in the process of being tested for COVID-19 or have tested positive. More specific information about this will be available on the Return to Campus website in the coming weeks.

Steps Students Need to Take to Promote Health and Safety

  • Discuss with your roommate/suitemates the steps you want to take to be as safe as possible in your living space. It will be important to have this “COVID compatibility” conversation prior to arrival on-campus, or soon after.
  • Plan your return with your “household” members. It will be best if not all students and families arrive at the same time. Review the times available for check in and spread out arrival times as best you can.
  • Students are expected to wear masks within the residential community (hallways, lounges, laundry rooms, stairwells, etc.) to protect themselves and others. Within their individual living unit or “household” masks will not be required, although students may wear a mask if they choose.
  • Students will be expected to clean their individual living area, including bathrooms as outlined above. It is suggested a routine cleaning schedule be developed, especially for high-touch areas such as doorknobs, light switches, bathroom fixtures, etc. Ideally, each student will bring a canister of disinfectant cleaning wipes for the semester.
  • To reduce risk students should plan to wash their hands when they can and should bring their own hand soap. Additionally, for times when they do not have access to soap and water, residents should provide their own hand-sanitizer and use on a regular basis.
  • To reduce the density in buildings students will only have All-Card access to the building in which they reside. Additionally, students will be expected to limit the number of guests in their room/suite/apartment (more information coming soon) and they are responsible for making sure their guests are aware of the policies and procedures. Certainly, students can still visit with friends from other buildings elsewhere on campus, outside, or as an escorted guest within their building.
  • If a student is exhibiting symptoms, they are expected to immediately follow the protocols established by the University by calling Student Health Services to set up an appointment.

As we enter this unprecedented semester, it will take the entire Xavier community working together to keep each other healthy so students can be successful academically and socially. The Xavier motto of “All for One and One for All” has never meant more to our community!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email the Office of Residence Life at