COVID-19 Resource Center

Castlebranch Requirements

From Dr. Judith Lewis, Interim Dean of the College of Nursing:

I hope you are having a healthy and relaxing summer break. As we approach the start of fall semester, I want to remind you to review and update your Castlebranch requirements to ensure that you are prepared for clinical/lab courses. Several clinical agencies have notified us that they have added the COVID-19 vaccination to the student vaccine requirements for certain clinical units, and all other clinical sites indicate they will require COVID-19 vaccinations once the vaccines receive the anticipated FDA full approval. I encourage you to obtain the COVID-19 vaccination prior to the fall semester, if you have not already been vaccinated. There is an area for you to upload your COVID-19 vaccine documentation in Castlebranch. Please upload your COVID-19 vaccine documentation in that area of Castlebranch to help facilitate our compliance with your clinical partner's requirements. Please note, all Xavier students are required to disclose their immunization status to the University via Med+Proctor. As a Nursing student, you will need to upload your immunization record to both the Castlebranch and Med+Proctor systems.