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Campus Safety

Xavier University Police Department serves the community valuing and protecting all through one mission embracing constitutional rights, diversity, community, and justice, with integrity and discipline. This year will be unlike any other in Xavier's history and XUPD continues to provide support preparing for the return of students and university employees. Additional safety protocols have been implemented for XUPD response and community interactions. XUPD has sustained service through the spring and summer and is looking forward to welcoming everyone to a campus in August.

We are unique among most police departments because we have invested and immersed ourselves in our community. We are closely allied with the Dean of Students, Residence Life, hosting education and training events, and working with student groups and committees, including membership on the President’s Diversity and Inclusion Action and Advisory Council. The XUPD motto extends beyond “to protect and serve” including a third pillar, to educate. We begin our interaction with new students and families at Manresa and share in the celebration of commencement a few short years later. Over the summer XUPD partnered with the Freestore Foodbank and conducted major food distributions on campus and in nearby Evanston providing meals to thousands of area families. Our leadership team has engaged the Evanston Community council to assist planning and volunteering for programs supporting employment and recreation services for our nearby neighborhoods.

Striving for both individual and organizational excellence, we commit to improving the quality of life for those we serve while providing and protecting a safe community where all may thrive. We provide regular opportunities for student engagement, education, and include both employment and internships for current students. We also work closely with Title IX and ensure Cleary Act compliance within the Xavier University community and programs. Our officers and communications personnel have been working everyday preparing campus for your arrival or return to Xavier. We look forward to welcoming everyone back to campus and the surrounding communities!