Office of the Registrar

Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Spring 2021

Xavier University faculty recognize that the Xavier community, especially our students, are experiencing continued challenges.

In the spirit of cura personalis, Xavier is therefore offering the possibility for undergraduate students who are enrolled in Spring 2021 to request to convert only one of their course grades to a Satisfactory/ Unsatisfactory grading system (S/U), with certain restrictions aimed to protect students from any negative ramifications of choosing the S/U option.  It is highly encouraged that students consult their academic advisors, chair/program director/school director or college assistant dean. This is to determine eligibility and also to ensure that students make appropriate choices. Implications for licensure or advancement in a program, or transfer of course credit to other universities may be affected by an S/U grade. 


Once you have properly considered your options, you may request to convert one of your course grades to a Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grading system (S/U). Please submit the form based on the college of your major. If you have majors in different colleges, please choose only one college form, and the Deans' offices will coordinate. Students must submit the S/U request by May 14, 2021.


  • Undergraduate students may request a maximum of one course (including lecture/lab) for S/U during Spring 2021.
  • Undergraduate students may petition for a second S/U for Spring 2021 directly to the Dean’s office; the decision for granting this second class lies strictly with the Dean’s office. These credits are reserved for significant extenuating circumstances and emergencies such as mental and physical health conditions. Students who wish to pursue this option must reach out to their Dean’s office, who will be ready to work with them to extend beyond the 3 S/U credits. Deans will review each request on a case-by case-basis.
  • A U will replace a grade that otherwise would have been a failing grade.
    • For undergraduate courses, a U will replace a grade that otherwise would have been an F.
    • No course credits will be awarded for a U.
    • A U will count as a grade of F in the cumulative GPA, and so the GPA will be lowered.
  • An S will replace passing grades.
    • An S will not count toward the semester, program or cumulative GPA.
    • For undergraduate courses, an S will replace a grade that otherwise would have been a D or higher.
    • Course credits for courses with an S will count toward the earned credit hours needed for graduation and toward any other requirement that does not have a grade minimum.
    • Students can see how an S or U may impact their GPA by using the GPA Calculator.
  • S or U is entered on the student’s academic transcript and is not an incomplete grade.
  • Programs will develop a list of courses or programs that are not eligible for S/U due to program requirements, accreditation, licensure or other requirements. These courses will be approved by the respective academic (college) dean and communicated via the Office of the Registrar website.
  • Undergraduate students may withdraw from full term classes through the last day of classes (4/30/21).
  • Students must submit the S/U request by May 14, 2021.
  • As in Spring 2020 and Fall 2020, information about S/U in Spring 2021 will be shared via various channels.


Please contact your dean’s office with any questions about this policy or in cases of extenuating circumstances. Deans have the discretion to assess S/U requests.