Adjunct An individual appointed on an academic term basis to teach not more than one-half of the normal faculty load for regular faculty in the particular academic program and for the term.
Banner ID Unique nine-digit numeric value for each person in Banner.
Calculation Method Method for determining the compensation.
Campus Site location for a course. Most courses will be taught on Main campus. If the class is not being taught on main campus, a specific site location is required.
College Code Organizes courses, majors and students by college.
Compensation Financial amount for services provided determined by a calculated method.
Contact Hours The actual amount of time in contact with the instructor.
(Not used to determine faculty compensation.)
Contract Type Categories used to describe pay types such as adjunct and full-time.
Course Reference Number (CRN) It is a five-digit code that is unique to every section of each course.
Credit Hours Courses typically are approved and offered for a specific number of credit hours.
Cross-listed Courses Cross-listing permits the same section to be taken under different subject/course numbers.
Date of Class Time frame from the date the class begins to the date the class ends.
Day of Class

The University uses the following abbreviations for days:

M - Monday
T - Tuesday
W - Wednesday
R - Thursday
F - Friday
S - Saturday
U - Sunday

Department Code Organizes courses and sections within "colleges." Department codes designate responsibility for courses and are used to distribute course information to the correct department.
Faculty Level Categories by pay amounts used to determine adjunct faculty per credit hour pay rate.
Enrollment Maximum The maximum number of students able to enroll in a class section.
Head Count The number of students in a course.
Incremental Additional amount paid in addition to or instead of per credit hour rate.
Instructional Method The method in which a course is being taught such as traditional or online.
Instructor Name In order to assign an instructor in the Banner Schedule, he or she must be appointed in Banner Human Resources.
Location Specific building and room where a class is assigned.
Main Department The department in which the instructor reports.
Multiple Instructors More than one instructor is teaching the same course. Please note, only one instructor can be listed as the primary instructor.
Part of Term (POT) Time frame within the semester a course is taught. Most classes will fit into the full semester part of term 1.
(Controls the dates of the payments for adjunct faculty and overload pay.)
Percent of Responsibility The total amount in which the instructor is accountable. Multiple instructors should total 100%.
Percent of Session The session amount in which an instructor is accountable. A session may be used to specify the different meeting time combinations or different schedule types associated with a section.
Position Number Unique identifying number assigned to positions as they are created. Position numbers can be used for individual positions or group positions.
Primary Instructor Main instructor teaching the course. Each course must list one primary instructor.
Rate The amount of money charged per unit.
Schedule Type Distinguishes the instructional delivery mechanism for a course such as lecture or lab.
Subject Code Indicates the discipline or subject matter.
Term Code A six-digit numeric value including the year and semester; the four-digit year followed by a two-digit term that relates to the month the term begins.

Fall = 09
Spring = 01
Summer = 05

Example: Fall 2014 = 201409
Time of Class Class times are submitted on the schedule using the 24-hour clock (e.g., 14:00 to 15:50).
Wait-List Maximum The maximum number of students able to wait-list a class section.
Work Load Defines the amount of time spent in the classroom for a course.(example: a lab course is one credit hour but the work load would be two hours)