Classroom Swap Form

Use the Classroom Swap page to view other rooms that are looking for a swap.

Please use this form to submit a request to change your assigned classroom.  The requests are searchable by the professor's current building assignment and/or meeting time.

If there is a possible swap, please contact the professor to swap rooms.

Once your classroom assignment has been resolved, please notify the Office of the Registrar.  The Office of the Registrar will update your room assignment on the students' schedules.  Thank you.

Example: ENGL 101-01

Choose the meeting time of your course. If your course does not match a time listed, please choose "Day Non-Standard" or "Evening" if your class meets any day after 4:00 PM or if your class meets on Saturday/Sunday, please choose "Weekend". If you choose one of these options, please enter the specific days and times in the next section.

Example: M 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Please select your current building assignment.

Example: 101