Monthly pool and gym schedules are posted on the TV monitor at the bottom of the steps  in the lobby.  Copies of the schedules are available underneath the lobby update board as well as in the hallway leading to the locker rooms. Keep in mind that these schedules are subject to change due to last minute rentals and cancellations. Schedule changes will be communicated on the website, as well as by email as soon as possible.

There will be various rentals in the pool throughout the year that utilize the entire pool and rentals that do not utilize the entire pool area.

For confirmation, call 745-3208 prior to coming to swim.

Monthly Pool/Gym Calendars-Summer Staffing may require limited pool hours periodically.  Notifications will be sent.

Please note the November Pool Calendar was updated today, November 1st. 

Updated November 2017 Pool Calendar

November 2017 Gym Calendar