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Courtney Corrado
Courtney is a PPP (Philosophy, Politics and the Public) major. She is from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Courtney was super active with sports throughout high school, but suffered four concussions that resulted in her having to step away from sports. This setback gave her the opportunity to discover CycleBar, an indoor cycling gym. She fell in love with all things cycling, and during her freshman year at Xavier, she was able to join our staff and teach Stages Cycling.
Courtney believes the key to success is a healthy, balanced lifestyle. With Stages Cycling, she hopes to impact her class with positivity and have everyone leave feeling great!
 STAGES Cycling
Isabel Ferreira

Isabel is an occupational therapy major with a double minor in deaf studies and health service administration! Isabel is from a northern suburb of Chicago called Libertyville. Isabel found a passion for the gym in high school while taking CrossFit. Isabel is always eager to try new workouts and find fun ways to get fit! 

As a student herself, Isabel understands how difficult it can be to fit in time for the gym, but also how rewarding it is when you get a great workout in! Her goal as the Pilates instructor is to give you a great low impact workout that makes you sore the next day. Isabel thinks everyone can find something they love!

 Pilates, Zumba
Lauren Mikell

Lauren is a Social Work major with a Spanish minor at Xavier University. Lauren is originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin where she spent half of her high school career playing volleyball. After her two years on the court, she decided to pick up a new interest where she found her love for yoga. At her high school, she started a yoga club for students who may need to find breaks in the school day. She also attended hot yoga classes in her hometown that got her more involved in her practice.

As a current student, Lauren understands how it can be easy to forget about exercise due to the amount of school work and other extracurricular activities that may take up someone’s time. Her goal for this class is to remind students that everyone is capable of succeeding in this practice and that nobody is “bad” at yoga. After a long day of classes, Lauren hopes to relieve students of the stress that comes with school work and allow students to become more comfortable with this amazing practice.

Mackenzie Mullins

Mackenzie is an accounting major and aims to become a CPA after her bachelor’s degree. Her dream job is to work as an accountant for a non-profit organization and to one day create her own non-profit after gaining experience. Mackenzie’s hometown is Mansfield, Ohio, which is located about 2.5 hours north of Xavier. In high school she played four sports and loved to stay active. Now she stays moving through weightlifting, biking, and running.

Mackenzie understands the importance of physical activity for one’s positive mental health. She also wants to make sure people of all fitness levels feel comfortable coming to the gym and actually ENJOY the exercise they are performing. The main goal of her class is to create a welcoming environment and forge a family-like atmosphere between participants to make the class as lively and exciting as possible. 

 Group Cycling,   STAGES Cycling,   Total Body Circuit

Myka Radecki

Myka is a senior Biology major with minors in Psychology, Spanish, and Chemistry.  Myka plans to attend grad school and do research, genetic counseling, or a combination of both after graduation! She always played sports as a kid and was always open to trying new ways to exercise.  After joining CHAARG her first year at Xavier, she developed her love for cycling and has continued to enjoy trying out new workouts!  She loves exercising because it gives her time to focus on herself and relieve stress from everything else going on around her.  She hopes that in her classes people are able to enjoy their time and have some fun!

 STAGES Cycling
Tiffany Weigle

Tiffany is a Xavier Alumni, achieving both her Bachelors and Master’s degree from the university. For her undergraduate degree she majored in Political Science and International Studies and then went on to receive her Master’s in Business Administration. When she is not teaching yoga or hanging out with her husband and baby, she is working as a Financial Planner for Fidelity Investments.

Tiffany fell in love with the practice of yoga after college when she was doing CrossFit several days a week, in addition to training for an Ironman distance triathlon. She knew she needed something to assist her body and mind with recovery following high intensity workouts and yoga was a perfect fit. Then after completing a stressful overseas deployment with the Army Reserves, she decided to take some time off work to recharge and refocus. During this time, she attended a resident Yoga Teacher Training course in Bali, Indonesia. Upon returning home she decided that she wanted to share her passion with anyone who was willing to learn. She has been teaching at Xavier since 2017.