Recreational Sports




How to get in the game:

  • Casual Gaming in the GSC
    • Check out controllers from the front desk of the GSC and play various games in D'Artgnan's Den
    • Space can be reserved for Student Groups, see the GSC Info Desk in advance
  • On Campus - Competitive Gaming produced by Rec Sports/Intramural Sports
  • Online Competitive Gaming - Big East sponsored events
    • (current titles: Rocket League and FIFA)
    • Xavier students will either win a spot to these teams or be hand-selected 

D'Artgnan's Den is located on the lower level of the Gallagher Student Center.

Current Game titles available on console: FIFA, Madden, NBA2k, NHL, Rocket League, Battlefield, Fortnite, Apex Legends, Call of Duty

To learn more about our E-Sports programming on campus, please contact the Assistant Director for Competitive Sports, Glenn Arnold