Recreational Sports

Ambassador Program

Love Recreational Sports? We love you to! We love you so much, we want you as our team as a Recreational Sports Ambassador! What is a Department of Recreational Sports Ambassador? Our Ambassadors are Xavier students who have a passion for not just Recreational Sports, but our programs, incentives, open recreation, and the overall health and wellness of the Xavier campus and community! 

Our Ambassadors...

  • Understand the Department of Recreational Sports
  • Understand how Recreational Sports play a part in the lives of students and the university community
  • Promote Recreational Sports in all it's endeavors, whether it's tabling, participating in programming, or promoting us through social media (Instagram takeovers and monthly posts on their social media accounts)! 
  • Are volunteers, but receive tons of Recreational Sports benefits, including...
    • Intramural Sport discount code
    • FREE Personal Training sessions
    • Cool swag they get to design themselves
    • Social Media/Website Shoutouts
    • Instagram/Twitter takeovers
    • DIRECT impact on our equipment and programming

Interested or want to learn more? You can contact the Coordinator of Membership Services and Business Operations, Lauren Rausch, at