The mission of the Radiologic Technology Program is to prepare the student to enter diagnostic imaging as an entry-level radiographer. Consistent with the Jesuit tradition of rigor and compassion based on the highest ethical standards, graduates of the Xavier University Radiologic Technology Program have the necessary skills to integrate theoretical knowledge and essential clinical skills to perform radiologic procedures and provide appropriate patient care.

Goals and Student Learning Outcomes

  • Students will be clinically competent.
    • Students will provide appropriate patient care.
    • Students will select and adjust technical factors.
    • Students will apply appropriate radiation protection techniques.
  • Students will grow and develop professionally.
    • Students will demonstrate professional behavior in the clinical settings.
    • Students will apply ethical decision-making.
  • Students will exhibit effective communication skills.
    • Students will demonstrate effective written communication skills.
    • Students will demonstrate effective oral communication skills.
    • Students will demonstrate effective communication skills in the clinical setting.
  • The program will provide our healthcare community with radiographers.
    • Graduates will pass the national certification examination.
    • Graduates will be employed as a radiographer.
    • Graduates will be satisfied with their education.
    • Employers will be satisfied with our graduates.
  • Students will demonstrate critical thinking and problem solving skills.
    • Students will evaluate radiographic images.
    • Students will analyze techniques.

Approved August 2014