How do I apply to the program?

To begin the process you must apply to the University.

All applicants must submit their undergraduate application to the Admissions Office, high school transcripts, any previous college transcripts, ACT or SAT test scores. You can apply to the University on-line at . After you have been accepted as an undergraduate student, your acceptance letter will instruct you to contact the Radiologic Technology Program.

Where can I find the RT application form?

You can find the RT application form under the RT Program Application tab on the left side of this screen and follow the link provided. You must return the RT application to Xavier University, Radiologic Technology Program, 3800 Victory Parkway Cincinnati, 45207-7332.

When does the program begin?

The RT program begins only one time a year which is August 1.

It is common for RT programs in the State of Ohio to form waiting lists for admission into the RT programs. Xavier has a waiting list of one year. If you are accepted into Xavier but placed on the RT program's waiting list, you can use this year to begin working toward a bachelor's degree. You will be notified of the waiting period for the RT program during the RT application and interview process. All applicants must resubmit the RT application each year if placed on the waiting list.

Can my previous college transcripts transfer into the program?

The program has students with various backgrounds. Some of our students are recent high school graduates, some with one to two years of college, and some hold a bachelor's degree in another discipline. When you submit your college transcript(s), the Registrar's Office will review your transfer courses for course equivalent at Xavier University. For an example, if you have taken English Composition, Sociology, History, Psychology or Human Anatomy and Physiology you can transfer those credits into the university and will count toward the Associate Degree for the Radiologic Technology Program. However, the radiologic technology courses (RADT) must be taken at Xavier and in sequence so it will take two years to complete the program.

Transfers students into the RT program may want to pursue a bachelor degree at the same they are completing their associate degree. Call the Program Director for more details at (513) 745-3358.

What is the cost of the program?

The tuition for the Radiologic Technology is flat-rate tuition. The tuition rate for the 2018-19 academic year is $5,395.00 per Fall and per Spring Semester ($10,790.00 annual tuition). Students must attend one-summer semester but no tuition is collected. All university fees can be viewed on Xavier University web site. This rate is not an addition to the university's regular tuition rate.

Students will need to purchase textbooks, uniforms, liability insurance, and provide their own transportation to and from the hospital/clinical sites.

When is the deadline date for the applications?

The program does not have a deadline date to receive applications. Applicants are reviewed and accepted until the program is filled. The program accepts 15 students a year so applicants are encouraged to apply early in the Fall Semester.

Note: Applicants who have been accepted by the University will be instructed to call the Program Director at (513) 745-3358 or email to to set up an interview on campus and at the hospital site. After an applicant is accepted into the University as an undergraduate student it is the responsibility of the applicant to call the Program Director to set up their interviews.