Concur Travel is the industry's most comprehensive and innovative online corporate travel booking tool, delivering the broadest selection of travel content through an intuitive and easy-to-use online experience. Concur Travel gives you total control of your corporate travel program, by delivering the travel content your business travelers need while providing you with policy enforcement, robust global capabilities and increased visibility through real-time reporting. With the convenience of having the most travel content available in one tool, it's no question why leading companies have chosen Concur Travel for their travel booking needs.

Concur Travel offers organizations:

  • An intuitive, user-friendly interface
  • The most travel content selection of any provider
  • Travel policy control and compliance
  • Reduced travel booking costs
  • Robust global functionality
  • Powerful real-time reporting and analytics
  • Enhanced visibility
  • Constant innovation as a technology leader

Concur Travel's online booking, reporting, and agency support functions make the travel procurement process quick, easy, and affordable for everyone involved in corporate travel. Concur Travel enables any organization to provide powerful online corporate travel booking capabilities to their employees - tailored specifically to travel policies and preferred vendors.

Through a single on-demand service, Concur Travel presents travelers with inventory options from any or all of the major Global Distribution Systems (GDS), plus exclusive direct connects, and Internet-only sources, providing unrestricted access to the widest selection of air, hotel, rental car, and rail inventory. And since Concur's technology is independent of any corporate card provider, travel agency or GDS, we are able to focus solely on helping organizations streamline and drive costs out of their travel programs.

Book Travel Reservations Through Concur

Online Booking FAQs

Q. How do I create a profile on Concur, the online booking tool?

A. You will receive a self registration link to create a profile. If you have not received this link, please call the online help desk at 513-763-8877 or 877-463-0543.

Q. How do I book a hotel or car only reservation on Concur?

A. There is a car and hotel tab at the top of the Travel Center page that will allow the user to make a reservation without air.

Q. Where do I update my email address and password?

A. You may edit your telephone, emergency contact, address, credit card, and travel preferences in Concur Travel on the Profile tab / Personal Information. Select Change Password to modify your password. Select Change E-Mail Settings to change your email address.

Q. What procedure should I use if I have two or more travelers going to the same destination?

A. Cliqbook will allow you to clone a reservation. When the first booking is made, you will be able to clone the reservation, found under the Upcoming Trips tab as one of the trip actions. After selecting the trip action to clone, you will then pull over the next travelers profile so that all frequent guest numbers and credit cards are captured and then add any additional cars or hotels before submitted to purchase.

Q. When will I receive a confirmation for the reservations I book?

A. After submitting for purchase on Concur, your reservation will go through quality checks to make sure all information is captured for Xavier University. The ticket will then be issued and AAA will email the invoice to you. Your ticket should be issued and emailed within an hour of submission. Some reservations may take longer if there are any special handling instructions.

Q. What should I do if I book an air reservation on Concur, and a few hours later decide to add a car and/or hotel?

A. You can make changes before your ticket is issued. To add or modify your trip, click the name of the trip on the Upcoming Trips tab and then select Change Trip.

Q. How do I make reservations for a spouse or companion who I want to accompany me on a business trip?

A. Concur will allow you to make a reservation for a "guest" traveler if a profile has not already been set up for the spouse or companion. The option to select a guest traveler is found on the main Travel Center page at the top right hand corner under "You are administrating travel for".

Q. How do I get Concur to search for non-stop flights from Cincinnati?

A. When the flight results come up in Concur it will display a matrix that will allow you to see all types of flights. From this matrix you can select if you wish to see a particular vendor or the type of flight (i.e. non- stop, one stop). Your selection will then show up on the screen allowing you to see what you have chosen.

Q. What does the yellow star represent when viewing air, hotel, and car options?

A. The yellow star represents a company preferred vendor.

Q. Who should I contact if I feel I am not receiving the lowest fares available via Concur?

A. There are certain factors that can affect the pricing of airline tickets. These factors can include any of the following: search criteria, availability, or time of booking.

If you need to verify pricing, please call an agent at 513-763-8820 or 800-468-4509.