School of Psychology

Dr. Victor Ronis-Tobin

Research Fellow

Professional Interests

Youth risk behavior, suicide, population health, population surveys


I am a clinical health psychologist interested in a population approach to the reduction of health risk behavior through community partnerships. My aim is to help reduce health risk through data driven changes in programming and policy. My main interest is the reduction of risk behaviors in youth, including substance use, mental health, and suicide. I use retrospective population survey data such as the regional surveys in Kentucky and Ohio (Kentucky Incentives for Prevention (KIP) and Students Drug Use Survey (SDUS)) to identify risk patterns, and build community partnerships to direct resources towards risk behavior prevention. My activities include:

A) Participation in community prevention groups and regional healthcare coalitions

B) Analysis of youth substance use, risk behaviors data to define needs and prioritize efforts

C) Customization of surveys and focus groups

D) Development of grant proposals to help communities address substance use and suicide prevention

E) Development of research manuscripts

F) Mentoring of students

G) Teaching


  • Ph.D. Clinical Psychology (Concentration in Health), Yeshiva University, Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology